ANNA WANG is an expression of my deep love for building a day of memorable experiences so that your guests and you are blown away. It's me. But it's also you, it's a celebration of the uniqueness that you've been wanting to share with the world, and it's this that I'm interested with most. I specialise in creating weddings that make uses of whimsical tones, that has amazing ambient lighting created by hundreds (thousands even) of candles because your story started with a passion so it should be celebrated passionately.

With over 13 years of experience creating Sydney weddings, styling events in Melbourne and plan weddings overseas, I work with you to create the wedding you've dreamt of, one that reflects your style, your budget and is "you". My signature look, specialty if you could call it, would have to be grand, overstated and whimsical. It's a girl's most important day right? So why not create it with all the love that there is.

I love looking for a uniqueness and magic irrespective of where the wedding and event is held, just not the same look everyone has had. That'd just be...the same and not about your uniqueness. So I create experiences that will blow you and your guests away.

Styling your wedding day is all about making the most of your venue – the ceremony, church or reception – and adding extra special touches to reflect you. From ceremony to the wedding lighting & decor and everything in-between, these details really make a unique wedding. Not only do we plan and style weddings, we’re also wedding florists who exclusively create unique pieces for weddings.

From event and wedding marquees, production lighting, ceiling installations and draping, white dance floors, flowers and decorative pieces, these are set pieces that can be used as a base to create stunning looks. But it's specialising in creating custom-designed pieces (such as laser-cut fabricated backdrops, tables and decorative pieces) that I enjoy most.