Swetha and Karan's wedding

Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf

South Asian meets west in this bright cultural wedding at Doltone House

The concept

We absolutely love to style beautiful ethnic weddings like Swetha and Karan’s fabulous Indian wedding. This wedding styling concept was a bit of south Asian meets west, combining the bright and colourful fun of a rich culture with modern western design at the Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf reception venue.

Rich burgundy, dark pinks and oranges mixed with some lighter pinks make for a fun and vibrant colour palette in our artificial wedding flower arrangements. The colours are very reminiscent of autumn time, with white fluffy feather plumes bursting at the top of the bouquets and some long flowy orange leaves cascading below.

Luscious greenery and vinery draped along the ceiling helped us create a sense of intimacy in the space. Interlaced with warm and ambient fairy lights, the whole ceiling set up brought Swetha and Karan’s guests straight into a romantic outdoor garden wedding. Simply stunning.

Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf

Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf is classically chic with elements of contemporary design. Its neutral colours allow us to work with many colour schemes and create beautiful weddings.

"Elegant bridal seating"

Our favourite feature of this entire arrangement has to be the bridal party seating. While conventionally we would style a bridal table, we opted for something a bit different using this gorgeous plush white vintage lounge. We surrounded it with an abundance of bright flowers to frame the seat and then had them cascading along the floor to a row of candle runners.

This worked out so well when the speeches were made to Swetha and Karan sitting comfortably in the spotlight. It’s such a pretty and elegant arrangement that we simply adore. All the bright colours were such an attraction that we kept everything else modern and simple in taste, with white tiffany chairs and a very clean white table setup.

Photographs from the day

Captured by our inhouse team of photographers

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Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf

Here are the elements that we provided for this event:

  • Ceiling installation of fairy lights
  • Artificial flowers table centrepiece
  • White dance floor
  • Seating Chart
  • Bridal Table flowers
  • Stage wrap in white