Personalised wedding invitations that is as unforgettable as your wedding and it starts with your guests receiving these luxury customised letterpress invitations.

Explore the large range of Wedding and Event Invitations and Stationery that are designed and customised to the style of your event. It sets the personality and tone of your big day. It’s the little things, the finer details, that make it all glimmer.


These pieces are crafted both locally in Australia and overseas depending on what materials, fabrics and printing techniques is required to create your personalised invitations and stationery. Large range of wedding invitations, wedding menus, wedding place cards, signage, wedding welcome signs and so much more for all events.


Looking for inspiration? here are some past works and about our services:


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DESIGN PROCESS: While we have a collection of designs, we love tailoring your wedding invitations to match the styling theme and colour palette for your event – and this  comes down to being your stylist that designs, plans and creates the vision for your event.

To design your wedding invitations and event stationery we start off with the overall design, colour palette and visual impact of your event as that’ll guide us on what paper stock to use, the embellishments and adornments, printing methods such as digital print or even letterpress invitations.

wedding invitation design process

Steps for designing your wedding invitations

  1. Book your Design Consultation appointment at our showroom,
  2. IF you’re an existing client, we’ll go re-cap the style we’ve designed for your wedding or event,
    IF you’re not an existing client, bring in the brief for wedding styling or event design brief so we can tailor your invitations to suit,
  3. You’ll choose invitation paper stock, materials and embellishments,
  4. The wording, known as copywrite, we can help with as there are some great already-written messages, or you can personalise them,
  5. A design is drafted for you to view and check electronically,
  6. Once the design is approved, it goes into print either in Australia or overseas (depending on lead times and your chosen style),
  7. You submit your guest list to us for printing,
  8. Production takes 5-7 weeks depending on quantity, but allow for up to 2 weeks for shipping and Customs clearance (if printed overseas).

Would love to order your invitations?

FABRICS AND MATERIALS: In choosing the finishes for your beautiful invitations here are some of the gorgeous finishes available for your wedding invitations and stationery. And if you’re wanting something more bespoke or have seen a material you love, let us know and we’ll source it as well!

We have a wide range of paper stock available, some pictured here, and others we’re continuously search to match your event, whether it’s a corporate function, launch party or even wedding.

DIGITAL PRINT: The modern way to print your invitations because its fast, economical and is perfect when the design of your invitations calls for more flexibility.

What are the printing types available for the wedding invitations we create?

We offer 3 main printing techniques for your wedding invitations and event stationery because they offer distinct looks such as modern invitation designs, or an old world letterpress that has a classic look.

These are


Digital Print  Embossed  Letterpress  Acrylic

Often when matching your invitations to the colour palette for your event we highly recommend going down the path of digital print. There’s definitely more flexibility in how the artwork is designed and printed on the paper stock, the colours that can be used, the speed of production is incredibly many times faster than traditional print or handcrafted wedding invitations!

While being flexible digital print wedding invitations is fast to print, with changes almost reflected and budget friendly.

See our past creations, or order your wedding and invitations here

DEBOSS AND EMBOSS: Looking for a luxurious design for your stationery and invitations? Add deboss or emboss details! This printing technique adds classic features that can be combined with a digital printed wedding invitation, or your entire design can be printed using this style.

Embossing on a paper stock is a technique that creates a three dimensional raised feature, often as “blind” where there is no colour, just the raised impression on the paper stock. This allows for adornments with foiling of different colours – another great way to add luxury and colour palettes to your invitation!

For a debossing look, it’s the opposite impression on the paper stock where the effect looks like shapes, words and images look “sunken” into the paper stock. Like embossing, this can be used in addition with hot stamp foiling and offset printing to further enhance your stationery.

See our past creations, or order your wedding and invitations here

LETTERPRESS: By far the most traditional technique of printing that adds a character of classic and luxury to your wedding invitations so it’s the perfect choice for an event or wedding with the theme of luxe and classic.

Letterpress is one of our most premium print styles that requires a lot of love, attention and care at each stage of personalising your wedding invitations. That’s because to get it truly right it takes time and craftsmanship learned from years of experience.

The print process that is often manual and old world so the results is has a more organic feel from the type of paper stock, print press machine, to the ink of choice and cutting of the plates.

While the traditional options of 1 or 2 colour look stunning, there are options for more colours should the style of your event calls for it.

See our past creations, or order your wedding and invitations here

ACRYLIC: The newest and modern print invitations comes in the form of acrylic wedding invitations that is printed on a 2mm-4mm thick acrylic block, laser-etched with all the usual copy.

It’s a unique and trending wedding and engagement invitation that looks great in a minimalist way but you can have yours personalised with much more intricate laser etching and colours as well!

See our past creations, or order your wedding and invitations here

Here are some past wedding invitations and event stationery we’ve created.

Love these? You can order these previously created designs, but we’ll also customise the embellishments and details to suit the theme of your wedding and event.

Invitations and Stationery FAQ

Are envelopes included?

White Premium Envelopes come included with your order (where applicable) and we can design then to your theme with choices of colours, paper stock and finishes at an additional cost.

What's the lead time?

Once the final design artwork has been approved, it typically takes 5 – 7 weeks to print and ship to us to quality check before we send it off to you. There are factors that could increase this timing as it would also depend on the size and complexity of your  invitations and stationery. If an unexpected delay is encountered, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Once you have placed your order, we will be able to provide a more accurate timeline.

How many design changes are included in the wedding invitations?

Each wedding invitations and stationery comes with up to 2 complimentary proofs where we’ll send you an electronic version of your design. This online service allows you to make comments for changes and confirm details – this is your chance to preview your invitations and see what they will look like once printed. Only once you have approved your proof, will we send your order to print.

What if we need more than 2 proofs?

Usually 2 proofs are more than enough but additional proofs can be had if required though each proof revision does incur an artwork fee to help cover the extra time involved. We will always notify you if all 2 proofs have been used, and seek your permission before continuing ahead with any extra Proofs.

Do you have templates of words that we can use?

For sure we can assist you with copy but it’s an entirely personal message so we highly recommend you provide the copy.

Can you replicate other designs?

We a gorgeous range of invitations and stationery that can be replicated and customised to the most fine details – ensures it’s entirely yours and personal.

Where can I see the full range of wedding invitations and paper stock samples?

Our showroom is open for you to view our past creations of wedding invitations and stationery – you can book in your appointment using this link.

See our past creations, or order your wedding and invitations here