We design your wedding ceremony decorations to match with the overall design for your special day, whether it’s the Civil Ceremony part, or a custom designed Chuppah and canopies, or even a Mundap held just before your reception.

This is why couples choose us because we are intimately involved with every aspect of the design of your wedding and that ensures the style is consistent. From choosing the location for your ceremony, to the florals and design work, Chuppah and Mundap structure, lighting and furnishings.

Looking for inspiration? here are some past works and about our services:


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GARDEN CEREMONY: There’s nothing quite as beautiful as an outdoor wedding ceremony to say “we do” in front of family and friends. As with your reception, our services include the design, creation and optional coordination of your wedding ceremony.

To create the vision for your ceremony, here are the elements we’ll look after:


  • Create the florals such as flower stage, pew flowers and flower backdrop,
  • Carpet runner that matches your colour palette,
  • Gladiator chairs, white Tiffany chairs, rustic bentwood chairs and many others are available,
  • Wedding ceremony arch of different sizes, designs and adornments,
  • Canopy arbour for your ceremony,
  • Pedestals and stands to place flower arrangements and signages,
  • Welcome signs, easel and ceremony stationery,
  • Signing table for your civil celebrant to officiate your marriage

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CHURCH CEREMONY: From a quaint chapel in the countryside like Hunter Valley, to incredible cathedrals, church wedding decor is an elegant way to reflect your wedding theme and is often the first impression for your guests.

Even though a church ceremony is quite traditional, we are able to create a balance of tradition and beautiful church wedding decorations that respects the sanctity of the church. Or we could create a stunning feature piece that blends with the gorgeous sand stone features of your old church wedding venue or within your modern new-age church.

No matter how how modern or classic your church is, compliment it with the same florals and style as your overall wedding by adding greenery (think plenty of garlands, wreaths, and even faux leaves), fresh flowers (roses are traditionally used, or even Australian natives), signage, lanterns, runners of romantic pillar candles, and more.

church wedding flowers

Almost all wedding venues and churches have some restrictions with selected decorative materials, how much flowers are allowed, or even make sure the aisle is completely clear. Just be aware with their terms and conditions prior to starting to embellish the aisle with your desired wedding theme, and we can chat through it during your Design Consultation with us.

Would you like to personalise our service? Let’s chat some more!