An elegant wedding centrepiece can create a lasting impression

Table centrepiece decorations

We design table centrepieces of beautiful ambience & style

We’ll guide you through choosing a design that fits seamlessly with the colours, style or theme of your wedding day, but still leaves all of your guests talking about the ambience. Our wedding centrepiece flowers will be a talking point for your guests and really do add that special something to any event.

We love what we do & we are proud to share our vision of beautiful spaces & events!

Our design process

Our table centrepiece designs are fresh, inspired by textures, colour palettes and material while trend setting and unique. Each centrepiece has been lovingly designed by ANNA WANG and add a distinct mood to the ambience of your event whether it is a luxurious wedding, intimate celebration or rustic style.

To design your table centrepiece we start off with the overall design, colour palette and visual impact of your event as that’ll guide us on the textures to use, the fresh flowers we’ll source from farms, or the artificial real touch flowers to use from our inventory, and lighting as that’ll define the ambience.

Here are a few things we consider in designing the perfect table centrepiece:

  • Event space,
  • Colour palette,
  • Fresh flowers vs Artificial flowers,
  • Ambience and lighting,
  • Height of the ceiling for the event space,
  • Food and flatware being served,
  • and finally what statement you’d like to make

Fresh flowers or artificial flowers for your table centrepiece? It come’s down to which one is more suitable?

Here are a few reasons why I would recommend either option:

What season is your event in?

Fresh flowers are seasonal and while import flowers are available, and of course more expensive, they may not always be possible to bring in from other flower farmers around the world. Artificial flowers could help with that.

Artificial red roses flowers

Where will the flowers be used?

If your event calls for a multiple-day installation and it’s a hot day, having fresh flowers in the ceiling is not possible as they’ll wilter and not look fresh by the time of your event.
Curzon Hall Table centrepieces wedding

You’d love to scent the room

While scent can be sprayed on artificial flowers, fresh flowers are best if you’d love to leave a lasting floral bouquet of scents at your event. Who doesn’t love a fragrant room?

Are there any hay fever or allergies?

We’ve seen a rise of hay fever and allergies from fresh flowers so several years ago began looking for real touch artificial flowers as an alternative. The types of flowers we import have been carefully designed and imported so they’re not the usual ones available at dollar shops or retailers.
Fresh wedding able centrepieces

What is your overall wedding styling budget or event budget?

The budget for your event styling will be a major consideration as well and you’ll definitely get more value with using artificial flowers for your wedding. Then again it depends on the design and what’s created so it’s not as easy to do a price comparison!
King Table artificial flower centrepiece