Wedding Backdrop and Ceiling Drapes designed to match the styling of your wedding and event.

One of the main feature pieces of the wedding reception, or event stage, is the centre stage of the event. So having a wedding backdrop and decorations to compliment the event sets a beautiful tone to your wedding day.


We offer a number of ceiling drapes of different materials and colours that’ll match the overall styling of your event and reception venue in Sydney, or any other location.


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We offer a variety of bridal table backdrops that enhance the atmosphere of your wedding and event, whether the theme is elegant and clean, or luxurious and royal, or even rustic; each bridal table backdrop is tailored to the setting of your event.

A Bridal table backdrop is the perfect way to add style and elegance to your reception. With a multitude of options, ranging from the simple elegance of white drapes, fairy lights to add sparkle to your evening, customised drapery in a variety of colours and pedestals with fresh flowers or willow fairy lights we are sure to have something that you love and is unique to you.

greenery bridal table backdrop

Wedding backdrop of greenery and fresh flowers suspended

Ceiling drapes are also available with different fabrics ad colours, and it’s the perfect way to dress a venue’s busy ceiling.

These ceiling drapes can be adorned with ceiling installations of flowers such as wisteria or roses, LED lights, fairy lights or festoon lights as they’re a great way to add a warm ambience to your event. We believe that with the years of experience of creating incredible styling and bringing different design elements together we can create something that you have dreamed for your most important moments.