Lillian Lyon - Marriage Celebrant

I have been a marriage celebrant for 14 years, and I must say that it has been many wonderful years filled with romance, excitement, challenges and diversity!

I am also a qualified marriage celebrant trainer, a role which takes me all around NSW and interstate.

Aside from my role as a marriage celebrant and trainer, I love to travel, watch mindless reality television to clear my cluttered mind, go to art house movies, eat spicy food, and finish it off with a gelato. I also like to exercise hard, and hike mountains. I cherish spending time with my family and grandchildren. My husband is my greatest love and best friend for more than 28 years. We laugh a lot together, and always try to find the humour in most things, focusing on what’s important, and brushing the rest off.

I suppose my sage attitude has come with age!