Vanessa + Lou's Wedding

The one stand out aspect of designing Vanessa + Lou’s wedding at the Crystal Palace, Luna Park, Sydney, was they wanted to add a slight twist to how the guest tables were presented. Rather than having round banquet tables, or even an entire function room of king tables, they opted to add some dimension to the the layout of the room with combining round and king tables.

It wasn’t purely just to be different, or to chase that “insta worthiness” of being re-pinned and re-posted. Instead it worked out amazingly well because it allowed for Vanessa + Lou to ensure groups of family and friends were together, rather than separated in lots of round tables. I think this is completely genius!

With the overall focus t create a space that guests are interacting and can clearly communicate, with as little obstruction from each other as possible, we went for alternating wedding centrepieces of silk real touch flowers on gold 4-post stands, along with matching low-line flower runner.

As you can see from the photos, it’s clean, pretty but still impactful.