Thuy + Johnny's Wedding

There's this trend for amazing back drops and hanging installations with explosions of florals - I love that brides are asking for this wonderful experience to be created at their wedding reception venue, but at times there are waaay too much going on and it get's to the point that wedding guests aren't able to see each other! So ladies, create beautiful settings, just don't over do it!

So with Thuy + Johnny's wedding, it was a brief of neutral elegance that had to create a romantic setting for their family & friends, yet it couldn't be over the top. After all, what's the point to having guests there if they can't mingle around, have engaging conversations with each other or even see the bridal table!

This time around, we didn't go hanging candle mad or with any hanging installations, as the focus was to be for the bridal table's amazing backdrop and THAT cake! Yes no hanging installations! It just didn't call for it for this wedding, and would've been waaay too much. So instead, we envisioned a room with subtle candles, gorgeous neutral florals on top of elegant crystal stand plinths.

Certainly we didn't want to over do the wedding venue's dark modern chic look -  having said that any venue can be transformed, after all unless you've chosen a venue for its say old world charms, or vintage earthy tones, most other venues serves as a blank canvas for the wedding industry vendors who are stylists, florists and creators of dreams. So girls, don't get too flustered with finding a venue, as long as their food is fabulous, service is amazing, everything on the night happens inside the room, and not outside.