Rosa + Andrew's Wedding

I absolutely adore outdoor weddings because there is such a great natural, laid back feeling to them. It's probably an Australian thing. Except it's really a hit or miss with the weather we have in Sydney, Australia, you'd think it's Melbourne! Thankfully it's not as bad as what our London wedding planners would be facing. So to plan a wedding, or even style one outdoors can be like playing duck, where a wet weather backup is always a must - unless, of course, you're living out in regional Australia where it's much dryer!

So mostly, Sydney weddings are indoors just for the pure sake of having no added stress of constantly moving decorations around! Don't get me wrong, they're still absolutely stunning, and we have some really gorgeous venues, but it's still not quiet the same.

When given the opportunity then I look forward to pushing the boundaries in what can be done within a venue to create a magical setting for the couples that have entrusted their most special day with my team and I.