Nelly + Adam's Wedding

Often I recommend brides and grooms to work with the wedding venue they've chosen because you've chosen it for the right reasons and part of that is for the aesthetics. Styling a wedding doesn't necessarily need to be over done every time or a complete transformation of the wedding reception otherwise it would have been pointless booking that venue.

When Nelly + Adam came to me with Oatlands House the reception venue had completed their renovations that would add to the country homestead look of its decor - so I knew it wouldn't do it justice if we were to completely overdo it. What's more it wasn't Nelly + Adam, no bit of them would've been OTT (not every bride's dream wedding is OTT). 

In creating the style of their wedding we went for softer tones of flowers with shades of pinks, whites and greens because this combination creates such a bright and pretty palette. Sure drops of candles are still featured and there is a hanging installation but it's all been done less dramatically. You know just enough to heighten the sweetness of Oatlands House.