Natalie + Fabian's Wedding

Natalie & Fabian's wedding was the one to top it all off for 2016, not just because it was on New Years Eve, rather it was quite an undertaking to transform a barn shed venue to become a space of floral wonderment and completely special. So my team and I undertook this a 4 day set up to completely transform the look of Ottimo House - it was by no means an easy feat! Particularly that 6.5m tall ceiling.

When I first envisioned the venue space with Natalie, she asked for her guests to walk in bewildered by what could be achieved with the care and love culminated over the last few months. There was definitely a lot of time allocated to work out logistically how her vision could be achieved particularly with the existing structures of the venue.

Without a motorised beam system to create the hanging ceiling installation, the challenges were quite refreshing to work through. So armed with 2 scissors lift platforms, we achieved the look over a 4 day period.