Joanna + George's Wedding

Designing the concept for Joanna + George's wedding we knew this one was special because of the opportunity a tall-ceiling venue affords; there aren't many Sydney venues that has such a tall ceiling that can be readily rigged with truss work to create a truly beautiful ceiling installation piece. So when Joanna + George asked that I create something special for them, only a few weeks prior to the wedding day, we got to our drawing board with a concept to stun guests.

Doing installations such as these girls the biggest hurdle you'd experience is whether the venue has the structural integrity and clearance to handle the truss work required to support the hundreds of kilograms of flowers and chandeliers. It presents a challenge because as crazy as I can imagine designs at times it's just not feasible given constraints so often I would be completely disappointed with not being able to create what's been envisioned. Thankfully we didn't have these issues with The Ivy Ballroom.

It certainly was a challenge to get the rigging and truss work together, designed and quoted, then approved but ladies it's well worth the investment in when you're wanting to create a space of your dreams.

For the centrepieces, we alternated with my Starlight (oh how I still adore her) with a fresh floral crown on a golden stand that stretches up 1m. These floral stands were made to ensure guests have an unfettered view of the room, and they get to see each other while having a good chat.

With their fresh floral crowns of stock, roses, vibernum and chrysanthemums they are just about the right match for Starlight's height. It creates a consistent vertical symmetry to the room.