Felicity + Peter's Wedding

I love having challenges in my work, may be not so with very tight bump in times (more on this later), I'm talking about creative challenges to create a space that would absolutely wow your guests, you know leave them with that unexpected thrill of being in a wonderful space to celebrate with you. It says to them that you appreciate their time, you've spent your own time (besides money) in putting together a magical evening for them, as it is as much about them as it is about your newly married husband and you.

So after some mishap with Felicity's originally booked venue having closed down (!!!!!), we were luckily enough that the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach Hotel had their Grand Ballroom available on the same very day :) It would've been an absolute shamozzle having to move the date and re-align every wedding vendor that was assigned to this wedding. Back to wedding styling for Felicity + Peter.</p><p>The Grand Ballroom is beautiful venue, great rectangular wide shape with high ceilings featuring trusts and beams that provides the flexibility of hanging installations, production lighting and other goodies. It's definitely not an ugly venue and it would make for a great space to hold your wedding. Add some classic centrepieces, hundreds (if not thousands) of candles, some lighting work and it'll look romantic.

This total make over wasn't about hiding certain aspects of the venue as if it were ugly, nah it was because Felicity had this vision that we both worked on for months, and so it had to still be created, albeit in a different venue (thankfully it happened though as Amanda Floro and the team at Novotel Wollongong Northbeach Hotel are a gem!).

So up goes the beautiful draping along the walls, using a white color (as opposed to a darker one) expands the room out even more and I loved how much bigger it made the room feel. Add in a beautiful hanging wisteria installation that we worked on from the early morning onwards, hundreds of candles and beautiful florals.