Cassandra + Ben's Wedding

The Great Hall of USyd is such an amazing venue to be in and it takes my breath away each time. Set amongst the old world as if from the movie set of Harry Potter and filled with gorgeous stones that add a classic character to any event.

With Cassandra + Ben's styling we went for a majority of greens - foliages, banana leaf, and asparagus ferns are amongst the selections. Rather than having flowers to create a soft palette for their wedding we opted to go for candlelit and fairy lights to cast a warm and romantic ambience.

I think it works so well with a venue such as this because it doesn't overpower the old world characters and magnificent features.

Shoutout to my catering partners, HostCo, for working with me on planning this wedding from the start, as well as providing an amazing array of fine food.

It's always a complete pleasure to work with them because they make the planning of the events so much easier, and are wonderfully organised.

As we see more and more couples go down the path of bespoke venue spaces, rather than the traditional halls, working along side a catering company has increased and there are a fair amount of things I would recommend when you're planning this format of wedding, or event for that matter. I'll be sharing my thoughts, things to keep an eye out for and recommendations in a future blog.