Cammy + Ray's Wedding

One of the best things by product of my line of work is finding such great connections with couples that we end up having a friendship beyond just a client-customer relationship.

I think it's so important that we get to build this connection because we're spending a lot time together, and we're connecting on different levels to achieve the ultimate dream on the wedding day. You know it helps having your stylist just "get" you and the vision. And then there's the part of getting to create the dream of friends that we've known for a long time, seeing their growth as a couple, as esteemed individuals who venture into their own businesses at such a young age.

Bailey and I don't get much time to spend with friends over the years, some have dropped because of our work commitments (and family), some new ones have entered more recently and are a tremendous force in our personal and business lives, so we both cherish the few that stick around.

One such couple is Cammy + Ray and so when they asked us to take on their wedding plans, to create their dream of a day that would completely be an expression of their visions combined, we took the opportunity to create magic.

Not that it would be any different experience or service were we not friends, it's just something different being able to fulfil a close friend's dreams because at times our attention to friends haven't been focused. So it was nice for us to give them something back.

In creating this day for Cammy + Ray, it started out as an all white look, filled with classic tones of neutral whites and clean lines - it was very reminiscent of a decadent and pure dream of snow filled room. But a shift was made to end up with an overgrown jungle within a spartan and chic venue Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf.

I think having so much greens within the venue, or any venue for that matter, was a wonderful way to create a sense of life, vitality and beauty - you know the start of a new life and celebration of one.

Thank you both Cam Tu Nguyen + Ray for having us for your day.