Bareen + Ajmal's Wedding

What a day this turned out to be!</p><p>I had planned to surprise Bareen + Ajmal by adding a lot more bling to their bridal table but to achieve what we wanted to create it required a support system that would be Herculean in strength, yet slim enough to not be in the way. We spent some time to design a custom structure that'd be so right but it wasn't to be.

Due to my structural partner's overzealous work and resulting injury, the planned structure couldn't be completed. So Plan B had to be put in place to quickly fulfil this vision, thankfully Kamil of Iron Kustoms pulled through with Plan B so that we got back to doing what we do best.

Thousands, yeah literally thousands of stems later and we created this somewhat behemoth of a floral structure. Originally designed and ordered as only having hanging tea light candles, an element of surprise was added instead.

Yeah some 10 antique chandeliers that are genuine and completely stunning. All sourced by my in-house antique specialist Paul for whom I am so thrilled to have part of what we do for couples.