Arianne + Phil's Wedding

One of my favourite wedding of this season is Arianne + Phil's wedding, held with Centennial Homestead in Centennial Park, Sydney, because the brief was to create a laid back and intimate space, one that wasn’t the usual Sydney wedding and invited guests to mingle throughout the night.

So we created this with Arianne + Phillip - a much more casual setting with lounges set around the marquee. It's intimately lit with the antique chandeliers and candles, with a gorgeous canopy of green florals.

And I completely love it! I wish we could do more of these settings so guests can just mingle rather than be a formal sit down. By the way it's taken awhile to get back into the groove of these behind the scenes films, I've been a tad busy with a few other projects, but you'll be seeing a lot more of them.

Once again thanking the marvellous team at Centennial Homestead for their support leading up to the day.