Tran and Samuel's wedding

Silver Pearl Venues

Complete transformation of a restaurant into an outdoors wedding "Under the Stars" concept

The concept

Designing Tran and Samuel’s wedding was an incredibly challenging yet satisfying journey of developing the experience they wanted on their wedding day and turning it into reality of holding their wedding out in the night skies. Why didn’t they just host it out in the open? Besides the unpredictable nature of Sydney Australia’s weather, their cultural backgrounds meant they had little choice in where they could host their wedding. It had to accessible for the elders and family, and the food served be impeccable Asian seafood wedding banquet.

This was going to be a traditional Cabramatta wedding so it had to be held within one of Cabramatta’s established restaurant / wedding venue – so where else better than Silver Pearl? Yes the food is great and we had just recently designed their renovations but it wasn’t quite the night skies experience both Tran and Samuel wanted.


This is the original, newly renovated, Silver Pearl; it's clean, beautifully fresh and white that serves as a neutral base to work with. Perfect for Sydney wedding stylists because we have more colour palette and textures to work with.

"Under the Stars"

As you can see from the photograph above Silver Pearl has a bright colour so there was no way around taking the complete transformation approach! Draping the walls isn’t a new thing for us as we’ve created this fabric marquee look within other reception wedding venues before so we were equiped to fulfil this vision, no the challenges were logistics of bump in and bump out was extremely tight.

We had two days to transform the 300sqm ballroom and just under 6 hours to reset! Here’s a time-lapse snippet taken halfway through our drape adventures.


To achieve this look we started with black silk draped around the room and layered with thousands of metres of lights. Each strand and fairy light line needing to be unwound while avoiding the nightmare scenario of tangling them like overcooked noodles mashed together into a paste. 

Photographs from the day

Captured by our inhouse team of photographers

Vendor credits


Silver Pearl Venues

Here are the elements that we provided for this event:

  • Ceiling installation of fairy lights
  • Fresh flowers table centrepiece
  • White dance floor
  • Seating Chart
  • Bridal Table flowers
  • Stage wrap in white
  • Dance floor couple’s logo decal
  •  Black draping to cover the entire venue and ceiling