Natalia and Matt's wedding

Miramare Gardens

Wonderful clean white wedding styling

The concept

What an honour and a privilege it is for us to be asked to wedding style for a family member of Miramare Gardens. We wanted to make the night incredibly exceptional and romantic for the beautiful bride and groom Natalia and Matt with clean white designs that embody their humility as a couple.

There is not one hint of green when you walk into the grand ballroom, just wonderful clean whites and ivory. Such a simple look took us three whole days to create with over 3700 stems of fresh Columbian imported roses, hand arranged and decorated by our dedicated crew. All these florals left an amazing botanical aroma all throughout the reception venue.

Rows and rows of tall pillar candles illuminate the room with ambient and romantic candlelight. We loved the simplicity of this entire wedding styling that was not over the top, with just enough flowers to create elegance. It was a perfect reflection of this gorgeous couple and Natalia’s reaction to our wedding styling is more than we could ever ask for!

The luxury Grand Ballroom of the Miramare Gardens is a wide and open space with tall ceiling to floor windows that open up to their immaculate garden. It is such a beautiful and light filled space that we really enjoy styling.

As soon as you walk in, there are just enough features to make guests say wow. It is clean, simple and so heavenly with all these neutral tones filling the room. The bridal table has a runner of white and ivory roses and orchids, and the backdrop is a pretty five pillar floral arrangement that is just enough to make an impact.

Keeping to this clean design with large impactful crystal chandeliers over the dancefloor, we also put mirror tops over the king tables which adds that extra element of classiness. We were so delighted and blessed to have been requested to style this classic wedding for Matt and Natalia.

To achieve this look we started with black silk draped around the room and layered with thousands of metres of lights. Each strand and fairy light line needing to be unwound while avoiding the nightmare scenario of tangling them like overcooked noodles mashed together into a paste. 

Photographs from the day

Captured by our inhouse team of photographers

Vendor credits


Miramare Gardens


Starlight Chandeliers

Here are the elements that we provided for this event:

  • Ceiling installation of fairy lights
  • Fresh flowers table centrepiece
  • Alternating artificial flowers table centrepiece
  • White dance floor
  • Seating Chart
  • Bridal Table flowers
  • Stage wrap in white
  • Chandeliers