Cat and Christopher's wedding

Ivy Ballroom

Captivating white cylindrical ornaments for this wedding styling

The concept

Cat and Christopher chose the delightful Ivy Ballroom to celebrate their wedding day and envisioned eye-catching bold black and white icons to complement the wedding venue’s black and white modern decor. Our wedding styling focus was big chic white cylindrical shapes to capture the guest’s attention.

We love any occasion we get to use these flowy white tassels in our wedding ceiling installations – they are so elegant, classy and would even be great as stand alone features. The Ivy Ballroom boasts of a whooping 509sqm ballroom space and 6m high ceilings, so the tassels fill in the space and create an intimate setting. It’s also a nice contrast to the black walls and dance floor.

Amid these tassels are bustling bouquets of artificial white phalaenopsis orchids interlaced with pretty fairy lights. With so much white, the golden light shining through these ornaments distinguishes the elements and creates a romantic ambience over the space.

Merivale Ivy Ballroom wedding venue

The Ivy Ballroom is a beautiful contemporary wedding venue right in the heart of the city. We love the simple and elegant black and white interior design.

“Modern, chic and sophisticated”

The white artificial floral arrangements are quite different to what you would usually see at the weddings we style; there is very little greenery in comparison. White definitely stands out among black furnishings and makes a bold visual impact.

That’s what makes this bridal table design so incredibly stunning as the whiteness just pops out so elegantly and draws immediate attention to the bridal party. We love how the white roses overflow and spill out towards the floor. An extra magical touch is the candle runner in the backdrop that radiates with an angelic light behind the bridal party.

Candle light also creates a beautiful romantic ambience with small placements on the round guest tables. Paired with wonderful white floral wedding centrepieces, the entire set up looks incredibly elegant and airs of stunning sophistication.

Photographs from the day

Captured by our inhouse team of photographers

Vendor credits


Ivy Ballroom

Here are the elements that we provided for this event:

  • Ceiling installation of flowers and tassels
  • Fresh flowers table centrepiece
  • Artificial flowers
  • Seating Chart
  • Bridal Table flowers
  • Black dance floor with couple’s decal