Ayman and Silvana's wedding

Imperial Paradiso

Dream-like and endearing wedding styling with splashes of pink

The concept

Ayman and Silvana envisioned walking into a pretty pink flower filled wedding reception surrounded by magical hanging tea lights, with soft and dainty features to heighten the sense of romance. Every design element of this wedding styling at this luxurious and large wedding venue, Imperial Paradiso, was absolutely breathtaking.

Our crew delicately strung each rose on this stunning ceiling installation floating above the signature white dance floor of the venue. Looking up was incredibly dream-like and mesmerising.

Throughout the space, there were beautiful splashes of light pinks and bright pinks on the artificial floral arrangements wrapped around the pillars all the way down to the floor. The entire wedding design was a real visual treat.

Imperial Paradiso Fairfield Reception

Imperial Paradiso is one of Paradiso's largest, most elegant wedding spaces situated in the diverse city of Fairfield. Its international menu caters for the rich ethic population of Fairfield and large family functions.

“Pretty in pink and magical tea lights”

Walking into the venue was a sight to behold, with elegant vintage crystal chandeliers overhanging the entry aisle. Looking to the sides, you see this charming crystal ball bauble tealight candles dangling over the king tables like little fireflies warming the scene. Truly magical.

Moving over to the round guest tables, they are elegantly adorned by a mixture of pink floral bouquet centrepieces, more gorgeous bauble tea lights, pretty golden lanterns, and stylish antique candelabras. We absolutely adore these white and gold round back chairs that make the space look incredibly luxurious but comfortable.

This wedding styling concept is quite soft, romantic and feminine. We wove the groom’s personality into the night with his request for a classy white motorbike display on the dancefloor, which somehow fit well. The whole night was an intimate and magical experience.

Photographs from the day

Captured by our inhouse team of photographers

Vendor credits


Imperial Paradiso

Here are the elements that we provided for this event:

  • Ceiling installation of roses
  • Artificial flowers table centrepiece
  • White dance floor
  • Seating Chart
  • Lighting
  • Bridal Table flowers
  • Stage wrap in white
  • Dance floor couple’s logo decal
  • White and gold round back chairs