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ANNA WANG Podcast EP15 Starting up a business after marriage

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Podcast Transcription:

Anna: Welcome everyone to podcast number 15. You’re here with Anna Wang. This week, we’re going to be reconnecting with some past clients and also friends of ours now since creating their wedding. This week, we’ve got Glenda and David. Welcome. guys.


Glenda/David: Hi.


Anna: And we’ve got a little third addition.


Glenda: Yes, we do.


Anna: What is your name?


David: Orlando.


Orlando: Orlando.


Anna: Wow. Very cute. Orlando, who do you look like? Let’s see.


You’re very very cute, Orlando.


It’s really exciting. It’s been three years since I’ve last seen you. You came to our opening here in the warehouse.


Glenda: Correct.


Anna: And at that time, Orlando wasn’t around. So, it’s been three years. It’s actually were overdue for a catch up, so it’s good to have to see what’s going on.


Glenda: Yeah.


Anna: there’s a few things you’ve been working on since we’ve actually … since your wedding. I thought there’s so much to talk about. Let’s go back in time. Let’s talk about your wedding planning. How did you guys meet each other?


Glenda: I don’t remember.


David: Through friends.


Glenda: Through our friends? Yeah. So, it was a friend of a friend.


David: Yeah.


Glenda:  I remember you would just trying…


David: Trying so hard to yeah.


Glenda: Not trying so so hard, but you were trying to… you know, trough friends.




Anna: Your friends.


Glenda: Yeah.


David: The early one… what’s that?

Glenda: Oh, I’ve never heard of that.


[laughter and crosstalk]


David: Yeah, we met through friends.


Glenda: That was at the pub over ten years ago.


David: Over ten years ago.


Anna: Oh my god.


Glenda: And then we got engaged. We were engaged for quite a bit of time.


David: Yeah.


Glenda: Maybe tree, four years, I think.


David: Yeah. I think so, yeah.


Anna: Wow.


Glenda: Then he popped the question.


David: Yeah.


Anna: And at that time, when you guys were still seeing your vendors and your venues and your florists…


Glenda: It was crazy. It was such a crazy time. I used to remember stressing. It was very overwhelming. And then I remembered my girlfriend, Lena. She was… she got married and you guys were shooting her wedding? Yeah?


Anna: Bailey at that time, yeah.


Glenda: I though, hey, who are these guys? I got in contact with you guys. At that time you were at Liverpool. Yeah, you were shooting at Liverpool. Lena had an appointment. [inaudible] went through with things with us.


David: Yeah. Basically, you guys came on top… a long way, I mean, to show you that hard work does pay off. Actually, from me walking in and seeing your place that you’ve grown from Liverpool. [crosstalk] we did our interview [crosstalk].


Anna: It was a lot smaller.


David: Yeah. Now, walking in, I feel like I’m [crosstalk].




Glenda: Yeah, you guys grew.


David: Yeah. Me and Glenda were very happy with your service and everything that you’ve done.


Glenda: You were both very friendly.


David: Yeah, very approachable.


Glenda: I felt a connection straight away.


Anna: Wow. Straight away. That’s probably why we’ve kept as friends.


David: Yeah, that’s right.


Glenda: Correct. I just remember, you were speaking to us, you were giving us your recommendations. I thought you guys were really genuine about everything as well. Yeah, we just walked out of there feeling really happy.


David: Yeah.


Anna: That’s good. I’m glad.


Glenda: You showed the way. You guys alleviated a lot of stress for us as well.


David: Yes. definitely.


Anna: From your wedding, you’ve recommended so many of your other friends.


Glenda: Everyone we knew.


David: And we’re still waiting for our referral fee.


[laughter and crosstalk]


Anna: Bailey does all the accounting. So, when you walk out of here you can say, hey pay us my referral fees.


David: When I look back, even when I was that stressful on the, what day we get married in? On the 23rd of November.  From the moment you were there leading us in showing us how to walk in, like how to… do anything with the wedding you were there to help us.

Glenda: Yeah, every step of the way.




David: One thing I felt was like, there was no wrong. I didn’t feel like you were trying to push us to something that we don’t like or something that you  like. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you might feel that from other people, but we didn’t feel that from you or Bailey.




Anna: Oh wow, thank you.


Glenda: It was a great wedding experience. You made the wedding journey a lot easier, a lot more enjoyable and just…


David: And asking the right questions, I guess, with the flowers. Yeah.


Anna: I’m so glad.


David: Yeah, I’m glad too.




Anna: From that whole wedding process, then you got married.


David: Yeah.


Anna: What’s life after marriage? Tell me your journey for the last three years. It’s actually more than three years.


Glenda: 2013, five years.


Anna: No, 6 years now, because it’s 2019.




Tell everyone you’re not just a kind of ours. We want to know about you guys as a whole; who’s Glenda, who’s David? What do you guys do, and all of that. I believe you’ve built a product. You’ve actually designed and made a product.


David: Yeah.


Anna: I you want to tell everyone about this?


Glenda: I mean, after we got married, we moved out.


David: Yeah. We bought our own place, you know.


Glenda: We bought our own place.


Anna: So, you got a beautiful home in [inaudible].


Glenda: And then this guy was born in 2016. He’s not an easy baby. A lot of hard work, sleepless nights. Still lots of sleepless nights. It’s been….




David: It’s a big learning curve, pretty much the next step life [inaudible], you get married. And then the next step is to have kids. That’s what we went down that path. Then we found that maybe working 9-5 and trying to look at [inaudible] it’s going to be quite hard.


Glenda: For me, I was working at Audi. I was in a corporate office doing what… I’ve been working in admin for a very long time. Probably about over 10 years. I’m working for Audi for five and a half years. I just didn’t feel that fulfillment. I didn’t have that joy, jumping out of bed every morning. I mean, it was good, it was comfortable waking up and then working 9-5, tolerable. But it didn’t excite me. So, I thought, you know what, there’s no progression. I wasn’t happy.


I decided to start my own little project. David is not involved with this one. It’s just myself and another person, my friend. We’ve just recently launched our eCommerce business, Lumia Professional.


Anna: Beautiful.


Glenda: Specializing in professional lighting. Yes, so far, it’s gone really well. It’s got a lot of interest.


Anna: Can you explain to the audience, what is the Lumia Professional? Why has it come up?


Glenda: My lash technician who’s now also my friend. She does my eyelashes for me. We were just lying there, chitchatting as we always do because you’re there for hours.


She was just telling me all these business ideas that she has. And for me I was like, talking to her about my corporate job and I wasn’t happy, I wanted to resign, but didn’t want to because it was a stable income. So, she suggested; hey, let’s do something together. She told me about the business idea. I thought, wow it’s a really, really good idea.


Went home, spoke to David about it. Obviously, I needed him to fund it.


[laughter and crosstalk]


Hey, Dave, I’ve got this business concept. Spoke to him and he was happy. He was, yeah, he was…


David: Very supportive.


Glenda: Yes, very supportive financially, emotionally. Everything was, yeah. He was there for me. We launched Lumia professional two, three months ago.


Anna: Yeah. How’s it going?


Glenda: Pretty good, I must say. We have a lot of stockiest as well. People are stocking up lights. We do have individual sales as well.  But I think our main goal is obviously to have the big retailers and stuff like; state[?] colleges, beauty colleges, the lots.


Anna: Tell everyone why would they buy these lights? What is the difference?


Glenda: It’s multi-functional light. It’s much better than the ring light as you will see. The ring light is very common. This one here is multifunctional. It’s touch technology. So, it’s all touch sensors. It’s similar to the Glencoe light. The Glencoe is very big, very established company overseas. We’re Sydney-based. So, a lot is available. In Australia and worldwide… it’s just a really awesome light for lashing, brow procedures, tattooing, makeup application.


Anna: So, you feel that this light was missing in the market?


Glenda: Pretty much. My lash technician, sorry. The main reason why we actually did this was, she actually does the training as well. She conducts workshops. And when she does a training, obviously the students would be like; hey, where can I buy the bed? Where can I buy the light?


Obviously, after the training the students would just go look for the equipment for them to do the home set up. If we sell the lights, we could actually just sell it to them right there and then instead of them shopping around. So yeah.


Anna: Like I said, why would they buy this light rather than the existing ring lights?


Glenda: Because this is much better quality. I mean, it’s got flexible arms, whereas a ring light is very stiff. it’s much brighter. It’s just a better light in general.


David: It’s got LED lights where it’s got more brighter technology.


Glenda: Some of the lights got LED as well, but it’s just flexibility isn’t there. It looks good. I mean, it’s slim, it’s sleek. It goes with any decor.


Anna: And it’s adjustable.


Glenda: It’s adjustable. It’s got a 360 adjustable head. It’s got a remote as well.


Anna: Okay. Amazing. It’s one of those nights that you can literally, if you’re needing just to move up a little bit lower, a little bit to the right, and go up and down, it’s 360.


Glenda: Correct.


Anna: So much. Because I can see here and it’s not an eyesore. Actually, you can just look into the light. It doesn’t hurt the eyes or anything.


Glenda: You can adjust the settings as well, brightness.


Anna: Okay. Wow. Anyone in the beauty industry, makeup artist, hair artists, whoever else, where can they get this light?


Glenda: You can actually go onto our website and they can purchase form there.


Anna: Purchase are online. Okay. How much is the light?


Glenda: It retails for $420. However, for the listeners and those who are watching, if they purchase online and they enter in the discount code Anna Wang, you get 15% off.


Anna: Amazing. It’s very affordable. It’s an investment for makeup artists because you can literally just carry it and take it wherever you’re going.


Glenda: Correct.


Anna: Amazing/ Maybe we should even have a few of them here and if anyone wants to buy, they can just literally pop in and buy it. We’ve got makeup artists that come in and out all the time.


Glenda: That is an awesome idea.


Anna: We can get that happening. So, that’s Lumia. What about you, David? If that’s the project Glenda is doing…


David: I am the bank. [crosstalk]


So, basically, I’m in the sales industry, in the motor industry. I work for  [inaudible],  Nexus. Now, I am working for Mercedes Benz. It’s surprising the market is still doing through a very, very great. People are still buying cars. Even though the market is going down, people still rewarding themselves with a car. [crosstalk] My job is to guide them to the right car.


Anna: So, you’re more of a sales person?


David: I think so.


Glenda: He’s very good at talking.


Anna: He’s very good at talking.


Glenda: And convincing and very persuasive. That’s why I’m married to him.


[laughter and crosstalk]


Why you need to buy a Mercedes.


Anna: If this was Bailer, he would be like [laughter and crosstalk]


David: Not only that, but in your work as well. [Crosstalk] you realize that people needs it [crosstalk] guide them to te right car. Find out what they like, what they want. That’s your job.


Anna: It’s not just selling whatever is there.


David: That’s right. And then you build that trust and then next… their friends and families looking for a car, they go on and refer them back to us.


Anna: Exactly. It’s an experience.




David: That’s right. People got feelings, emotions. And when they’re spending that kind of money they would like to be trusted and that’s [crosstalk] … That’s what I feel like the best you can do as a sales business, just guide them to the right car.


Anna: Have you guys have anything planned for the future? Is there a number two, baby coming along, is there another business venture…?


Glenda: Another wedding.


[laughter and crosstalk]


Anna: With another person or to each other?


David: Right now…


Glenda: We’re just taking each day as it comes, I think. More focus on what we have now and making that work making that better.


Anna: You are now a full-time mum? Just doing the mill or…?


Glenda: Yes. A full-time mom. I’m focusing on Lumia and Orlando.


Anna: Beautiful.


Glenda: David’s working.


Glenda: Yeah.


Anna: Who came up with the name Lumia?


Glenda: My business partner wanted Lumi, so luminous. However, that was already taken. And she couldn’t let Lumi go. She goes, please can we have Lumia? Sounds good.


Anna: It sounds nice. It sounds very boutique[?], Lumia.




Anna: Well, you’ll get whatever you want as soon as we’re done. Whatever you want.


In terms of actual business and all of this stuff. Lumia is kind of taken off?


David: Yes.


Anna: And it is going to be a first of many product ranges.


Glenda: We have other versions coming out shortly. It’s in production at the moment. So, we’re just going to get that about maybe next year. It will be similar. Other than design, it would be very similar, but it was just how they added a multimedia function. So, the phone holder, the USB adapter. So, you can charge your phones [crosstalk] to the phone holder. Yeah, it’s so exciting.


Anna: Very interesting.


Glenda: Yes.


Anna: Very very interesting. In terms of actual, okay sales and Lumia and all of that, why didn’t you get David to do your sales of Lumia?


[laugher and crosstalk]


David: I was going to.


Glenda: This is my baby. So, I said, you know what, let me work on this and you can do your own project.


David: Yeah, because me and my wife, we’ve got Hamper My Baby. So basically, it’s…


Glenda: We do have another project, but we’ve been neglecting it though.

David: Yeah, at the time because I’m back to work.


We’re doing baby hampers. We found that it’s a niche market as babies are being born every day. Sometimes people can’t find a good gift to bring. That is very…


Glenda: It’s very overwhelming when you see a lot of baby products out there. When you got to a baby shop, you go like…


Anna: What do I buy?


Glenda: Yeah. What do I buy? There’s like 20 different brands for one item. So, we kind of like found that essentials.


David: The things that you actually do need when… instead of buying a Teddy bear, a couple of clothes or something like that. We found out that there are certain items that you do need. You might not know that you might not need it, but when you have it, you realize that it’s such a good item to have. Like you feel we should have bought it. It’s called baby aspirator. So, basically when your child is sick, we realize that by using this pump to get the snot out, the mucous out it wasn’t really working.


Glenda: It’s not as effective. With the baby aspirator, it’s one of our products. It’s a nasal aspirator which gets plugged into a vacuum cleaner.


Anna: Oh, wow.


Glenda: Don’t freak out. Everyone thinks, oh, my god to a vacuum cleaner. No way. Let’s not suck up their lungs. No. It’s very safe. It’s very effective, very quick. All you do is plug it to the vacuum cleaner, place the actual aspirator to the nostrils. Two seconds, it comes out. Everything comes out. It’s amazing. I can’t live without it.


Anna: So, it’s a product that you guys have like found …




Glenda: It’s not available in Australia.


David: And it’s recommended by pediatricians in Europe.


Glenda: In Europe, Germany. Yeah. It’s an amazing product.


Anna: You guys have the product here.


Glenda: We got the product. We actually haven’t marketed though, which we should be.


David: Yeah.


Anna: Yeah, you should be. That’s a product every mother, like you said…


Glenda: I swear by it because I’ve got everything. I mean, I have invested in the electric aspirator, the nose [inaudible]. It’s all manual. It’s disgusting and it doesn’t work well.


David: Yeah. This product comes with a brush to clean after you use that spot. The one thing you got to understand that if your child is sick, it’s always going to be runny nose.  So, this bit, you just plug it into the vacuum. It’s just easy to use and it just gets the job done.


Anna: That sounds like a really great product. You guys should really focus on getting that to market. Especially you got the [crosstalk].

David: Because right now, every person wants to be an entrepreneur. But Glenda has decided to take Lumia on full board. So, I decided to let her take it. She does her passion[?].


Anna: Yeah.


David: But like I said, we do have a child as well. I’m working, we’re just trying to find time to…


Glenda: Just finding the right balance.


David: Yeah.


Glenda: I mean, it’s really hard. This guy’s a Kuala. He’s clinging to me. Very clingy.


David: Like I said, they don’t give you a manual book on how to look after a kid.


Glenda: Even though I have read thousands and thousands… I’ve read so many books on how to… parenting books. It does not work that way. Life does not work that way. Every child is different.


David: They’re not like robot where, you know, at 9 o’clock you feed them and next thing you know…


Anna: Do you have much family help?


Glenda: We do have the support, but it’s just him. He doesn’t allow it.


Anna: He just wants mommy. Yeah, it’s really hard as a working mom and a working dad. And also got that… the actual…  neglecting the business that you first kind of just want to expand. Now, you got Lumia,.


I really hope someone listening out there, even in the industry of actual, you know, pediatricians, babies, and all of these things actually look and go, you know what? This product is fantastic. Contact you guys and say, Hey, you know what, maybe we should stock it.




Even hospitals. I remember I was in hospital and I had to suck it out. It’s literally, they put onto that machine and it just sucks it all out. I thought, why not have that at home?


David: That’s right. You might [crosstalk]


Glenda: It’s just about creating awareness. People don’t know about this product. We need to be out there. We need to, you know.


David: That’s the reason we found there’s got to be a much easier way. He was always constantly getting sick.


Glenda: He’s still always getting sick.


David: And we just thought, there must be a way.


Glenda: We have a home chemist at home. Every single medication you can think of. It’s just, we’ve tried everything. You know what I mean? It’s so hard, but then when you find the one product for it, it makes life so much easier


Anna: So much easier. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. It’s crazy, seriously crazy. So, there are lots of little projects that are happening. So, let’s get Lumia happening. Let’s try and get this product… What’s the name of this…?


David: It Hamper My Baby.


Glenda:  The business name is Hamper My Baby.


David: So basically, it consists of the baby aspirator, a shusher that you put to…


Glenda: It’s a sound technician[?] shusher. There’s a lot of shusher out there, but what’s different with our shusher is it automatically turns on.


Anna: Oh wow.


Glenda:  As soon as there’s a sound, it turns on. As opposed to the other shusher, you have to twist it once it goes off.


Anna: Oh wow. Amazing.


David: I now also got [inaudible] back pack When I first got my… When he was born, we bought the main brown bag, which is the Gucci sling bag. We realized that the moment you put his clothes, the nappies, the bottles, the milk, and all of that stuff, it’s like at least five kilos. And that’s on one shoulder. This is not going to work. So, we dropped that bag and I’m using my Nike bag, gym bag. We realized this can’t be [crosstalk] When you put the bottles and all that kind of stuff…


Glenda: We wanted more like storage and that one is water resistant as well.


Anna: Wow. So, you got the bag, you got the shusher,


Glenda: we got the nasal aspirator. We also got bamboo material, what is it? Bibs?


David: Bibs and muslin wraps, yeah. [crosstalk] So, basically that will all consist into one hamper gift. [Crosstalk.


What I’m trying to say is that, it’s stuff you might not know that you might not [inaudible], but when you do have it and it’s there, [crosstalk] somebody actually get that gift that I actually do need. So, that’s what thought. It is still there. We do already have products already. We just need a box to put it in.


Glenda: We’ve got everything. It’s just actually the marketing…


Anna: You just need to launch…


David: So, maybe hopefully you and I can contact… [crosstalk]


Anna: Is that a separate website that people can go online?


Glenda: We have not created a website. We do have an Instagram page Hamper My Baby. But, to be honest, we have been neglecting it.


Anna: Okay. You have great product there. Let’s try to get them to market [inaudible] you got baby or pregnant or you got friends that you need to give a gift to, please go into hamper my baby on Instagram and you can literally connect with David and Glenda on this product because it sounds like amazing pieces. Seriously, when we were like having our kids grow up, what we do is like manually sucking all that.




David: My mother used to suck from the nose. [Inaudible] What are you doing? I did this to all six of you guys.



Glenda: They didn’t have the money or the device to do that.


Anna: Exactly. Our parents. [crosstalk]


Glenda/David: They did. They did.


Glenda:  And they’re like, you guys are so spoiled.


Anna: So crazy. Okay. So, we’ll try to slowly wrap this up. As we kind of wrap it up, I really want the audience to really get to know why you’re doing all of this and all of these… you’re doing products, you’re doing businesses and then you’re working full time as well. So, what’s your end goal?


David: The end goal is basically to spend more time with family. Because if you’re just always working, you sometimes forget the most important thing.


Glenda: But we are always working. So, what he’s trying to say is what is the purpose, you know. [crosstalk]


David: We try and find a business that we can, you know… find time for our child as well and be financially be stable.


Anna: So eventually you want to kind of find something that you can then come out of the sales and you are working on your own business.


David: That’s right. Yeah.


Glenda: Correct.


Anna: Gosh. Well, thank you guys so much. It’s been a pleasure for seven years knowing you guys. I’m kind of in and out, in and out. We got to catch a lot often.


David: Sure. Definitely.


[laughter and crosstalk]


Thank you so much for coming.


David: Thank you, Anna, for having us.


Glenda: Thank you for having us. Thank you for choosing us.


Anna: It’s a pleasure.


Glenda: We came a long way. We came a long way. We appreciate that… We definitely hope we still keep in touch, you and Bailey. Hope we can do some more play dates.


Anna: Beautiful. Thank you so much. Thanks guys.


David: Thank you.