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ANNA WANG Podcast EP1 with ANEMOTION Photography and Film – Starting from a passion will lead to success

Podcast Transcription:


Anna:               Hi guys, my name is Anna Wang. Welcome to episode podcast number one. So, reasons why I’m starting podcasting — A lot of you are probably thinking what is podcasting. Why am I doing podcasting? I really, to be honest, don’t know. So, Eric who is part of Raging Monk came into my dungeon at the back and said, “Anna, Bailey wants you to go in to the room and do a podcast.” And I think, okay, here we go. If it’s not videoing, if it’s not like telling me to tell everyone what’s happening for this week, now I’m doing podcasting. So, here we are today. I’m opening up a conversation to you who are listening. I’d love to share my thoughts and share my tips with you all. So, anyone that is curious about the industry and the business in general, this is the reason why I’m doing podcasting. So, my crazy husband has said, “You know what? A lot of people have been asking about doing workshops, doing — you know, opening up more conversations of why we’re doing this, how we’re doing this and wanting to learn more things.” So, this is one of the reasons why he said, “Let’s do a podcast.”

So, as the episode number one, I want to actually introduce guest speakers along the way. He will be sharing their journey being in the industry, being business owners, being clients of mine, and then pretty much anyone that I can share value and journeys with you. So today, I’ve actually got a combination of all of that. So, I’ve got Jade and Tarek who is very good friends of ours. Met along the journey through — probably many years ago through photography. Jade and Bailey worked together as photographers. And then as we kind of went through the journey with Jade, then all of a sudden, we found out this Tarek guy who came into her life and took her away. And then we didn’t see her for a little while. And then I get a call saying, “Hey Anna, I’m getting married.” I know that’s the journey from Jade and Tarek being clients of mine. So from a friendship, they became clients. And now, they’re very pretty much doing their own business in photo and video and they’ve built a beautiful little boutique business called Anemotion, and they’re running this alongside with us in the Anna Wang building. And I really highly recommend them not just because they are ex clients or ex you know — not saying ex friends but they are still my friends. But —

Tarek:              [unintelligible-00:02:33]

Anna:               But, they are probably one of the couples that believed in my journey with us in this actual space. So, we’ve got many suppliers in here and the ones that are in here not just any one that we just choose to say, “Hey, come into my space and you know create dreams with my brides and grooms” and just refer anyone. They’ve actually believed in what we’re here and why we are why we are doing this journey with our brides and grooms. It’s not just a matter of having a client come in and you’re just here to, say, take their money and see you later. We’re here to create storytelling. We’re here to create memories. We’re here to create an actual emotional experience with our brides and grooms. So, I’ve got Tarek and Jade in front of me. So, what we’re going to do right now is actually introduce them and actually get them to tell you about their story and tell you about why they’re here and tell you about why they’ve chosen myself to be in their journey as well. So, I’ll get Jade and Tarek to introduce themselves and then let’s just see how the guys started and why they’re doing photo video together.

Jade:                Hey guys, I’m Jade.

Tarek:              Hey guys, I’m Tarek.

Jade:                And we own Anemotion photography and film. And one of the reasons why we started doing, you know, photography and videography was because —

Tarek:              Well, Jade was a graphic designer coming through. She studied — You studied graphic design, right?

Jade:                Yeah, that’s right.

Tarek:              And, well why did you get into —

Jade:                So, yeah. I studied graphic design in my last year of uni. I did my honours and I majored in photography and I realized that I enjoyed photography more than the graphic design element of things. And then I started introducing — started doing wedding photography and realized that I loved it. And along the way, met Tarek and then Tarek and I did a really big Europe trip and we did a lot of traveling and I love doing travel videos. And then he realized that he wanted to introduce videography with me with the photography side of things. And then we started our business up.

Anna:               So as you started your business, guys, what made you get into business together and run your own business and enter into the wedding industry together rather than working for other people?

Tarek:              Yeah. Well initially, I was playing — I was playing football. I was playing rugby league and, you know, too many injuries and Jade was watching me and, you know, always stressing. “You know you’re always — you always got black eyes and whatnot.” And you know, she was doing photography on her own and she started to feel like, you know — Well, she wasn’t sure if that’s what she really wanted to be doing anymore because it was sort of burning her out. She was doing it on her own and stuff. And then eventually you know after we got married and — You know, I’ve always loved doing videos. It’s just, you know, wasn’t something I’d ever did for anyone. It was more for myself. But, the second that I come up with the idea of starting our own business together — I don’t know. It just felt like we love being creative but we also — We didn’t mind doing it for other people but we feel like we wanted to create a brand for ourselves and I’m happy to say we have pretty good style, pretty good taste. And my wife over here, she’s very creative so I thought, “You know what? Let’s show what we can do.” What do you think?

Jade:                Yeah. I agree. And there’s something special about working for yourself especially as a creative because when you work with someone else in the creative industry, you’re kind of using your creativity to showcase for another company. Then when you’re working for yourself, you’re showing people your own creativity and what you have to show. So, I know there’s something very special about that.

[ring tone]

Bailey:             Hello? Creative [unintelligible-00:06:34].


Bailey:             That’s a good thing, you know. I’m going to jump in here because one of the things I find really really hard and complex to me having run my photo and video business for — God, how long? How long has it been Anna?

Anna:               And for those who think who’s this voice, this is Bailey Wang.


Bailey:             The state of the industry, there’s a lot of shooters that shoot for the same studios across the board and I thought and said that as a creative, you got to shoot for a start to specific studio you work for. And you don’t really get to define your own style and you know say, “This is what I do. This is what we do.” because you end up downloading all your sort of work across the board to different studios. So, it is great seeing you start up your own and say, you know, “We’re going to define what we do and this is the kind that we’re going to do.” And it’s wonderful seeing the — your growth in what you’ve started as Jade Barber Photography in relation to now and having this big hunk of chunk right next to you.


Bailey:             You’re doing the field work and you know developing that really really interesting work and I quite like it. And it’s good because Sydney needs something that’s different, I think, from the mainstream. Sydney need — has been needing something different rather than the standards for having the same sort of work reproduced week after week after week after week after week which is pretty sad.

Anna:               Yeah.

Bailey:             Which is pretty sad.

Anna:               Yeah.

Bailey:             That’s what I thought. Anna?

Jade:                Yeah, I agree. And I think with weddings, every wedding is different. Not all weddings are the same and, you know, shooting them in a different and creative way is really important otherwise all weddings start to look the same. And when you’re constantly shooting for other people, you know, and trying to create the same look all the time, it’s this —

Tarek:              It starts to get boring.

Jade:                It starts to get a little bit boring. So, it’s nice to do your own thing and changing it up.

Anna:               Right. So, yeah, I can see. And that’s the same with us with styling as well. We want to do something creative, something different. But then as you guys come in as a couple, what do you think or how do you feel when other couples go, you know, “I want to get into it. I want to be a photographer. I want to be a videographer.” Or, “I want to be a florist. I want to be a stylist.” What can you give other couples as a kind of like, you know, tips maybe? Let’s just say tips for other couples that want to get into this industry? Tarek, what do you think?

Tarek:              So, what can you do? I feel like you need to follow what you love. You know, if you’re always going to look at — I hear all the time and this is another reason why I got into videography, but you hear all the time people saying, you know, “I hate my job.” or “I can’t wait to [unintelligible-00:09:26]”. You know, “I really love what I do.” Like you can’t always look go for the money. You got to go for, you know, what you love, what you’re passionate about. And I feel like that’s what we’ve done. And, you know, because we really enjoy doing what we do, weekend hasn’t become like a weekend for us now. When we shoot people’s weddings, it’s like we’re a part of that wedding. When we’re editing someone’s video, we don’t look at the time and what time did we start, what time did we finish. It’s like becomes more personal for us. Our clients become our friends. We’ve actually traveled all over Europe with some of the clients that we met through, you know, shooting their weddings. So, my advice would be in like — I did a shitload of jobs in the past and you know, did I enjoy? No, I probably didn’t. But, I am who I am today because of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. So, I feel like you need to follow your dreams and you need to make sure you’re passionate about what you do. You know, if picking up a camera and recording or, you know, telling a story is what you love to do, then you know you should do it because that’s what got me to where I am today and what I’m doing today.

Jade:                I think I agree with Tarek but I think, as a couple, some advice I can give other couples is to do everything in a balance. It’s not all about work work work.

Tarek:              Yeah.

Jade:                And there needs to be a break in between. You guys need to enjoy each other’s company because working together, living together, you know, doing everything together sometimes can be overwhelming for couples. So, I think having a balance between work and normal life is very important.

Tarek:              Of course.

Anna:               So, if I was to get married again with Bailey —

Bailey:             Assuming I will say, “Yes.”


Tarek:              [unintelligible-00:11:08]

Anna:               So, why would I choose Anemotion then? If I was to get married again and I’m searching for photographers and videographers, why would I choose Anemotion? What makes you different to other photographers and videographers other than the fact that you’ve got your own style, you got the most amazing style and I love what you guys do? But, what sets you apart and, you know, what could you tell me? How should I prep for my day?

Jade:                I think what sets us apart is the fact that we are husband and wife and I feel like we know each other, we get each other’s style, we know how we work well together. When I direct my couples, I don’t just direct for photography. Whereas before in the past, when it was just Jade Barber Photography, before we introduced videography, I would direct just for photos. Because — but I didn’t care about the video aspect, but it wasn’t on my mind because it wasn’t important. Photos were more important. But after we introduced videography, I noticed that it’s not just about the aesthetic shots. It’s about getting movement. It’s about capturing the emotion. To be able to direct for video, as well, I think is —

Tarek:              You speed up the process and at the same time you’re not getting, you know, the couple to you know do things twice and three times, you know. Because generally, it’s like when you get a, you know, a company that just does photo and a company that just does video, sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes they can be a bit selfish and it’s more about, “I want to get my photos and then you can do what you want.” So, then you got the video guy. “Okay, let’s do it again.” And you know, really, most of the time it’s like no one really wants to, you know, like — I feel like people get awkward when they know someone’s filming them because it’s like, how do I look? What do I sound like? When someone’s taking a photo of you, it’s always you know that it’s just a frame and the capturing. But when it’s like — I feel like when someone knows they’re getting filmed, they automatically get awkward. So, that’s why I like Jade to direct most of the times because I’m just like on my zoom lens, hiding behind a tree or hiding somewhere or trying to sort of be visible in a way where clients don’t know where I am and what I’m doing and I’m just getting natural emotions from, you know, behind the scenes, probably. So, I feel like it does speed up the process. You do catch a lot more natural reactions rather than, “All right guys, fakely talk to each other.” Like no one really wants to be told to talk to each other. If you naturally talk to each other anyway, what would I tell you to do it? You know, it’s more like —

Jade:                I think that’s what makes us, our company [unintelligible-00:13:37]

Tarek:              We work well together until Jade gets in my shot sometimes, you know. I feel like — You know, “Jade, get out of the shot!” But that’s all right. It happens to everyone, I guess.

Anna:               So, by being in the Anna Wang showroom, what made you choose to be with us here? Like I think, that’s one of the most important thing is what made you choose this space other than open up your own studio, you know, in a street frontage somewhere? Yeah. Why are you here?

Tarek:              Well, to be honest, I actually you know — From when we booked you guys for our wedding, I loved your style and, you know, I want to meet Bailey, of course. He is a funny guy. And, obviously, I know yourself as well. And I just, you know, got a good vibe when I come here initially. You know, after we seen what our wedding turned out, like the flowers and everything, I just loved it. Loved the style. I felt like it went with our style. I loved how it was like a one-stop shop where you could literally walk in and walk out and have everything sorted, you know. Because, you know, some clients really don’t know, you know, what to do. And it is a pretty tough path, you know, to walk along. And, you know, some couples know what they want, some couples don’t know. And walking in here and having the best of everything, you know, I felt like it was a privilege to us to actually, you know, get offered the position to actually be in here, to be the in-house photo/video company. So, I thought, you know, it would be an awesome opportunity and, to us, it was a privilege, just like I mentioned earlier.

Jade:                I think, as well, there’s no one else in Sydney who’s doing something like this, you know, having all of these companies in under one hub. And I think it’s great for the client and we saw a good opportunity in it. Obviously, we’re good friends. I’ve been friends with Anna and Bailey for a long time. I used to shoot with Bailey when he own [unintelligible-00:15:25] photo studio.

Bailey:             When I have it.

Jade:                Yeah. When you have it. And, you know, known him for a long time. And I knew Anna style. I know how she works. And I think, you know, I really – Tarek also, after our wedding, really loved Anna’s work and we love her style. So [unintelligible-00:15:43]

Tarek:              [unintelligible-00:15:43] went well with [unintelligible-00:15:44] as well.

Jade:                Yeah. And now working our style so as well.

Anna:               Oh my gosh. The industry is pretty crazy.

Jade:                It is.

Anna:               So, how do you think the next five years — Well, where do you think this industry is heading in the next five years? Like for all of us, like it’s just evolving. Every year it’s just more crazy and more, wow, more just — Everyone wants to, you know, outdo each other.

Jade:                Yeah.

Anna:               So, well what do you think — Where are we going to be in the next five years?

Jade:                That’s a tough question. I always get worried that one day, videos will advance so much that people can just grab stills from the videos, you know, to use as photos. That’s something that, you know, I always think that might happen one day in the photography industry.

Tarek:              That will be the time that Jade gets to sleep and I’ll just keep working.


Tarek:              Until then, we need to keep working.

Jade:                I think also, you know, weddings are becoming bigger and Instagram has really promoted different styles of weddings and, you know, they’re evolving and they’re getting bigger and bigger. So, it is a bit crazy how much it has evolved between now and five years ago. So, who knows what’s going to happen in the next five years?

Tarek:              Just in the last year like I’ve seen so many different photographers and videographers come up. So, I mean, in the next five years, I don’t know what, you know, what it would be like. It would be pretty crazy but, you know, like I hope it’s, you know, nothing but success for everyone, I guess, like not just for us and for yourself, Anna, but I think for all the people in the industry out there, you know. It’s a tough industry to be in because, you know, there is just so much to offer really. There’s so many — There’s so much competition out there. But, you know, competition is healthy, I guess.

Jade:                Yeah, definitely.

Anna:               So, for those that are pretty much coming into this industry of wanting to be a photographer or videographer, what advice do you have for them on how they start up their own business or, you know, or how they can get help? Even if they want to reach out to you guys like, how do you reckon they should do it?

Tarek:              I feel like starting off is always the hard part. You know, everyone is always thinking about the big picture and you know getting a big weddings. And, you know, even myself starting off like — We’re still sort of new as well and we’re still going through it like we’re starting to build ourselves. But I remember on our first night, it was more about wherever you can get experience. You know, sometimes you’re going to have to do jobs for free. You’re going to have to do the extra hours and, you know, just jumping around from company to company, calling up different guys. And you know, just really figure out what style you like and what you want do. And the only way you can do that is, you know, shooting on the side with other companies even if it’s for free. You know sometimes, I worked for a whole year for free, pretty much, with a few companies. And it was more about just getting experience and, you know, learning more like know what not to do rather than what to do, because I learn from my mistakes and I thought it’s the only way you can really learn. So, you know, with anything and everything that I’ve ever done in my life, it was all about learning off my mistakes. So, yeah. I think — Yeah, just throw yourself out there. Never be afraid especially working for another company job, you know. Make the phone call. Try to help out. You know, sometimes even if it’s carrying someone’s bag or someone’s lens and learning about that lens, you know, because eventually you’ll pick up on it and it’s the only way to go.

Jade:                Yeah, I agree. I think experience is really important. Weddings aren’t something easy to shoot and I feel like, you know, the more weddings you see, the more weddings you film, the more experience you get. It’s really important because at the end of the day, a wedding only happens once. And you know, getting that wrong is — You know, the client could get [unintelligible-00:19:50]. I think the most important thing is having the experience and doing free jobs for other people.

Tarek:              Yeah. It’s really something that they’ve been really —

Jade:                Yeah. It’s really important.

Anna:               Yeah. I think that’s for everyone. Just everyone needs to just give themselves their own time for everything. You know, floristry, I think even a cake maker, anyone that wants to start in the industry. But, as we go through, do you have any questions for me at all while you’ve got us in the same room?

Jade:                Yeah. What inspired you to be in the wedding industry, into styling?

Anna:               Inspiration for me. To be honest, I never was inspired to be in this industry. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. It wasn’t something that I grew up as a little girl saying, “I want to be a florist.” “I want to be a wedding planner.” It pretty much just came to me through friends’ weddings. And as friends were getting married like thirteen years, fourteen years ago — And she’s probably even 15 years ago now. Like, I keep saying 13 years and that was 2 years ago. So, 15 years ago, very good friends of mine were getting married and back then they are probably the younger generation of our generation getting married. And they were looking for you know flowers and florists and stuff. And back then, it was just bouquets. No one needed anything else for receptions or churches and stuff. It was just bouquet. So, I said, “All right. I’ll go buy some flowers and I’ll put it together.” So, I just bound these bouquets together. I didn’t know how to do. I just figured it out. And did it for 2, 3 friends. And then as their friends asked them where they got their flowers from, they started giving my number. And then it became this small little thing where I was just doing flowers for friends and people I didn’t even know.

Then I thought, you know, I’ve got — I’m enjoying it. And then from there, I did a small little expo, showcased a few bouquets there, and actually made money from it. And from that little expo, I got about three or four brides that actually paid me to do flowers. So, from there, that’s where I grew my passion for flowers. And from there is where I did weekends. And that’s where, you know — Around that time, I had already kind of lost my mother already. So, it was just like a little growth with me and my dad. On weekends we will just, you know, [unintelligible-00:22:19] flat roses together and we’ll make flowers together. And at that time, Bailey wasn’t in my life. So, it was just kind of me and my dad. And as I kind of got through that process, I then had the opportunity of buying a little wedding dress shop in Liverpool. And it was for sale. And yes, I had took the plunge. And my dad was very ill at the time so I had to take like leap like carelessly from work to care for my dad. So I thought, you know, well, what’s the best time other than now?

I bought the little shop. We set up a very similar kind of little concept of having a couple of little small vendors in my little showroom and everyone paid $100 each to cover the rent, to cover, you know, little things. And I ran a wedding just shop and my flowers from there and then I grew a passion for actual wedding planning. And that’s where it all came about.

Then I met Bailey. He helped grow the brand, the marketing. Then it became where it is today as Anna Wang, and we’re doing bigger and better things and everything is mainly self-taught. So, I’ve taught myself how to create everything. I’ve taught myself how to make everything. And along the journey, I’ve taught a lot of other girls how to do things. And I’ve got a beautiful team at the moment that creates, makes, and fulfills a lot of people’s dreams and this is the only reason why we can do multiple weddings in a weekend. And that’s really where I am today.

And, you know, being continually inspired is by probably vendors around me. So, the vendors in my showroom that consistently have, you know, their own clients and everyone’s feeding off each other, that gives us energy through our showroom. And then the continuous support by previous brides, current brides, and future brides. Building friendship with our brides is probably one of the most important things as Jade and Tarek touch base that they went around Europe with some of the, you know, clients that has become friends. We have a lot of our closest friends at the moment that are all clients, previous clients of ours. We don’t believe that it’s a journey that you just stop at a wedding. You continue with christenings, birthdays, and continuously with like, you know, other projects. And then it becomes dinners and lunches with these brides. So, it’s not just a standstill, you know, business transaction. For, you know, some, it is. You know, you don’t have the continue friendship with some clients. Some come, some go. But, there are a lot of them that we do become friends and they’re on our Facebooks, they’re on our Instagrams and they’re continuously making comments when we post up weekly. And they’re encouraging us and they’re continually saying, you know, “I look back at my photos.” or “I look at this wedding and it reminds me of what you did for me.”

And also, the emails that come through from strangers. We get a lot of emails and comments from strangers about how we inspire them or how I inspire them. And some of them actually email us and I’ve got one particular email that I got last week. It was from a 60-year old lady that emailed me and said, “Thank you for doing what you do, Anna. And I was kind of questioning like, “Okay, where is this going?” So, I read the email and she actually said, “I was ready to put my scissors away and put my apron in the bin because it just got too hard. Starting off in, you know, doing floristry for about ten years, I just find I’m not keeping up and I know I’m losing the touch and I’m kind of like needing to retire because I just don’t think I’m good enough for the brides today.” And then she said to me, “After seeing all your videos and all your inspiring actual, you know, behind the scenes,” she said, “you inspired me to keep going. So today, I’ve decided I’m going to bring my scissors and my aprons back on and I’m going to be continually doing those small jobs and those medium-sized jobs.” And she goes, “I do jobs for $150 because I know I make that person happy and I’m not making them the money. And it’s not about the money.” So, reading that email really inspired me to be who I am because I feel I inspire people out there to continue living their dreams, continue living their love for flowers, their love for creating beautiful things. And it’s not always about money. And if you can survive by just following your passion and following your dreams, it’s more than enough for you to keep going at what you’re doing. And it’s just amazing and beautiful to get these emails and messages to say that I inspire people. So, that’s one of the reasons why I continually to do what I do because it’s you out there that inspire me.

Jade:                You know, I can kind of relate to that lady that you’re saying she wanted to put her scissors down and apron away. I went through that myself and that was one of the reasons why, for a year and a half, I gave up photography. And then —

Anna:               We thought it was because of Tarek.

Jade:                No.


Jade:                When Tarek came into my life, he actually really inspired me. And he was taking all these beautiful photos of me when we traveled. He was doing all these amazing travel videos.

Tarek:              Instagram husband.

Jade:                Yeah. He was an indeed an Instagram husband. And people was very impressed than — They were very impressed with his work. And when I saw his creativity and his ability, that really inspired me. And actually, it’s a good question for you, Anna. And some advice for us and for other people in the industry, would you agree that, you know, after Bailey joined your team, was he a big inspiration for you to build your business and what advice can you give other couples? Because I know Tarek was a really big inspiration for me to continue this business and to grow our business, and his creativity is constantly inspiring me. Would you say it’s the same thing with you guys as a married couple and what sort of advice you guys can give us and other couples in the industry?

Anna:               I think for me and Bailey, it’s quite a different scenario with me and Bailey. It is not just about an inspiration from Bailey. He kind of took over the kind of — How do I say so? As I kind of met Bailey, he kind of took over the man in my life because as soon as we got married, my father passed away. So, it’s been like every time I talk about my father, I get upset, I get teary but it’s always such a soft spot. When I met Bailey, we’re pretty much kind of in this situation of I was building my little business. I had it up and running for about nearly three years on my own. Then when Bailey came into my life, my dad was very ill so then me and Bailey got married about three weeks after dad passed away. So Bailey not only is an inspiration to the business itself, he was the inspiration to kind of like take over the man in my life because Dad was always my backbone since my mother passed away. And having Bailey around wasn’t even just a matter of he’s just another husband or a father or whatsoever. He knew how big my dreams were and he knew where I wanted to build my business and where I want it today. So, he was the guy that actually helped me push this dream and push this vision and made it to what it is today with his, you know, genius marketing and branding. He’s just absolutely fantastic in what he does with all these branding and marketing intelligence. And we don’t even know where it comes from because it’s not as if he was an old marketer. He was an IT guy that loved photography.

Bailey:             A lot brain thoughts.

Anna:               A lot of brain thoughts.

Tarek:              He actually taught us a lot of things. It can be a little [unintelligible-00:30:37].

Anna:               Yeah. But, it’s quite interesting. And a lot of people who will vouch how amazing Bailey is with his brand management of where he’s taking the Anna Wang brand. It came from like a small little business to a massive brand it is today. And it’s not just Bailey on himself but he’s built an amazing team with him that kind of helps execute all his crazy brain fart ideas. And like Eric, he is probably one of the guys that actually, you know, has to execute half of the brain ideas that he has with videoing and everything. But without having Bailey and his team, you wouldn’t be seeing everything that we do today with Anna Wang. And so, it really is a massive backbone of, you know, where Bailey has come into my life and where this brand has led to. He really is a massive inspiration of Bailey helping me live my dream and push the Anna Wang brand to where it is. And the dream doesn’t stop here. The dream is massive.

So, the day that I truly sat down and went through my dream with Bailey, he’s like, oh my god, like is that all? That’s like crazy. And it wasn’t just with Bailey. He was with his group of friends and a lot of them probably kind of just said, “Oh wow, like, that is a massive dream.” And for where I am today, we’ve probably fulfilled about 70% of what I dreamt. But, we’re nearly there and for those who really know us, I probably say within the next five years, the dream will come true. And it’s going to be everyone that’s on this journey and on this train ride with us that will actually be rewarded all the way through to the end because we will continue this journey with whoever’s with us now to the end, and it’s those that are supporting us now. And for the guys that, you know, don’t believe in our dream and haven’t believed in what we can create and what we could create, you know, so be it. But, for the ones that do are the ones that actually take this train ride and train is never going to run out of fuel, and it’s just going to keep going.

Bailey:             And for my side, how the hell do you work as a husband-and-wife team is taking us almost [unintelligible-00:32:56].

Anna:               Yeah. A lot of divorce papers, guys.

Bailey:             Oh yeah.

Anna:               A lot of divorce papers.


Anna:               But, I think —

Bailey:             Yeah. Especially as two creatives, you know. You guys would have experienced it but you seem to be a lot more patient.

Anna:               A bit more tamed than us.


Tarek:              Actually, before we walked in here, we had a bit of a — What would you call it?

Jade:                You know, argument about —

Tarek:              Yeah. She was like, “I think you should change this from the video. I’m like, “I don’t think I should change anything with the video.


Bailey:             Yeah. But, it’s good thing that [unintelligible-00:33:29].

Tarek:              Yeah. I feel that should take us a couple of hours, it’s taken us a couple of days and, I mean, at the end, it sort of turns out the way we wanted to because, you know, Ms. Perfectionist over here end up helping me out with it and it’s just like Bailey was saying.

Bailey:             That’s a great thing though because as you were touching it early on, having you know combined photography and cinematography together one of the things that you really should acknowledge is the work ends up being very consistent. It’s like a shared region. The imagery and the style becomes very consistent whereas I have found in past, it’s very hard to bridge that consistency between photo and video. That sort of style and the imagery [unintelligible-00:34:11]. You know, the shadow and you know the creative level is totally different levels. So, having husband and wife team always generally works with that one much better. And my advice, a lot of Valium.


Bailey:             Maybe a lot of alcohol and a lot of patience. You know, life is organic. There’s always things that go up and down and, you know, as business owners, we do with business issues, staff issues and all sorts of issues, and also a lot of information issues as well, right? So, I think it will become that makes us very resilient. And if we all can come together and make it work somehow, it becomes a much stronger unit, hopefully. That’s the idea. But, you know, just a lot of patience and [unintelligible-00:34:59] to learn to back down.

Anna:               Which is usually me. As you back down, [unintelligible-00:35:07].

Jade:                It’s always the females that back down.

Bailey:             I was just going to say I usually back down.


Anna:               Yes, so hopefully everyone, you know, listened to all our rambling. Hopefully, you guys have taken some good advice, good tips. And, you know, having an emotion around having great energy is really exciting. So, join us everyone Wednesday night. We’re going to be having a podcast every Wednesday night so you’ll get to hear our madness once a week. And if not, you’ll have lots of different new people and lots of different new energy, so really really excited to keep this going. Thanks, guys. Thanks so much.

Jade:                Thanks, Anna.

Tarek:              Thank you for having us.

Jade:                Thanks for having us.

Bailey:             All right. Cool. It’s a wrap.

[End of Recording – 00:35:56]