Announce to family and friends that you’re getting engaged! Whether it’s a surprise engagement party or a planned one, have an engagement party styling by ANNA WANG and set the tone for whats to come with your wedding.

This is an exciting time for both of you as you finally declare your engagement and there’s lots of planning many things to plan, to research and design just for this engagement party.

The engagement party can be as intimate as you’d like or as vivacious and over the top!

We’re here to plan your engagement party effortless and exciting. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning such an event, as it is supposed to celebrate your recent proposal.

We can also assist with finding your perfect venue, whether it’s at home or destination venue, the styling decor, RSVP management, local announcements and gift registries.

See what’s included in our engagement planning service.

Here is what’s included with our Engagement Planning service.
Offered from $2800 + GST

  • Locate venue
  • Supplier Management, Main Contact for Suppliers During the Month Prior to your Wedding
  • Styling brief for the visuals of your engagement
  • Email and Phone Communication
  • ONE Site visit *travel fees may apply
  • Coordination at your engagement party
  • Coordination with Suppliers for Delivery, Set-up and Pickup

Have a vision for the styling of your engagement?

Leave it with our team of event stylists to fulfil that dream of creating a beautiful engagement party for you.

Our styling is tailored to this vision of your engagement party and it includes everything required, so there isn’t an “engagement styling package” that we can offer you as your engagement party is tailored to you.

  • Styling brief for your engagement party
  • King table or banquet tables available
  • Cutlery and charger table sets
  • Floral centrepieces
  • Props and design elements
  • Lighting design (if required)
  • Printed invitations and stationery sent out to guests
  • Tiffany, round back and other chairs available

Would love to have us style your engagement party?