Your Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that consistently pop up and they’re great information to read through while you continue to research on styles, on what my team and I do.

How much does ANNA WANG cost?

Engaging me to style your wedding doesn’t entail having a set product list or pricelist rather I would look at what youre hoping to achieve and envision and work out the design to create it.

What is included in your styling service?

I do not charge an event or wedding styling fee on top of any style, decorations, lighting, or other set installations required to fulfil the vision of your event. As each piece that is designed, created or hired for your event is owned by me, the wedding styling costs is all inclusive.

At times your vision may require an external supplier (for instance, Tiffany wedding chairs, or additional furniture lounges for example), these would be quoted to you at highly competitive prices that are exclusive to me.

Wedding Planner VS Wedding Stylist - is there a difference?

Oh yeah there is; typically a Wedding Planner does the run arounds to plan & book things for your event or wedding, once vendors are booked in, times are settled and payments are made, the job is done. Whilst a Wedding Stylist creates the creative style of your event.

I am experienced as a Wedding Planner and Stylist, as well as being the hands-on Senior Stylist/Decorator for each event. Read a recent blog article I wrote about the differences between the a Wedding Planner and Stylist.

Do we need you as both our Wedding Planner & Wedding Stylist?

At times my couples would come to me at different times of their planning, so I offer both services separately should you prefer.

How do you charge for either service? Is it based on an hourly rate, or a percentage of the budget?

My wedding planning services are charged at a flat rate, even bundled together for some savings; these flat rates would take into account for travel, consultations and anything else involved in the service. As each event or wedding is unique, the wedding styling cost would be based on staffing, travel and work required. You’d be quoted as a separate cost before any work is carried out.

Who is the florist that will be providing the arrangements?

With over 13 years of floral designs, I lead a team of florists, event stylists and creatives that I have personally hand picked. We are all involved in creating your special day, including me as I am hands-on for each wedding.

Being the florist and having an internal team of florists, I do not offer rental of my pieces to other wedding stylists or florists, nor would we work in conjunction with an external florist. It just makes things much cleaner especially because we’re all trained to create these unique styles perfectly.

How many weddings do you style or plan each weekend? Will you be able to really concentrate on ours?

As much as I’d love to create fabulous weddings & events for every bride and client that approaches me, there is a limit to how weddings & event functions we can do each year. Depending on the size of each and what is required, I would also take only one large wedding if my entire team is required to fulfil the vision.

I have a team that I am fortunate to be able to rely on so we are able to service a limited number of weddings each weekend.

Each wedding that we take on will have a dedicated senior stylist and team leader on the day to ensure the set up, installation and styling is looked after. Often I am dedicated to a particular wedding along with my senior team and team leader; where we have multiple weddings on the same day, I am in constant contact with my team leader and would inspect each wedding throughout the day.

Do you service interstate or overseas brides? I'm in love with your work.

If you’re having a destination wedding/event overseas and would love for me to be involved, I am available on a limited based depending on when you’re looking to have your wedding or event. The same goes with interstate weddings/events.

Interstate (QLD, WA, VIC, NT, SA, TAS) weddings and events.

We have capabilities of sourcing local styling items and teams on an outsourced basis, however my preference is to have my internal team create your magical day. They are highly experienced and have worked with me constantly, so they are in tune with my expectation of quality and workflow on the day. This would of course add costs of travel and accommodation, which you may or may not have budgeted. I am more than open to chatting you through the pros and cons.

International weddings and events.

Destination weddings are awesome and are truly unique, but they require a much more involved service to put together, so these will be tailored to you as many aspects of the wedding or event would need to be looked at. As with interstate weddings/event, I would look at offering to source local teams and pieces, or otherwise my team are also available to create your magical day.

Does ANNA WANG have a current public liability?

Indeed we do and it can be obtained directly from us once you’ve engaged our services.

How do I book ANNA WANG for our special day?

Events and weddings are created after you and I have a design consultation together, this is where we’ll talk a lot, do some listening, and draw. At the end of this session, a proposal is prepared for your consideration and approval should you love to commission me.

Is full payment or deposit required?

To ensure that my team & I am booked for your day, once the boring paperwork is signed off, a 40% deposit is required to save the date for you, and to kick things along. Don’t be alarmed though! It’s due within 7 business days, not right on the spot! We offer payment instalments as well to alleviate lump sum.

I'd love to meet with you, when and where can we do it?

Design consultation appointments are available TUE – THU (9:00AM – 9:00PM), FRI (11:00 – 2:00PM).

For any additional questions we are here to help.