Sydney Product Launch Event

Successfully launching your new product requires more than a space to hold the event and bringing your clients to a free canapés and alcohol evening. It should be launched with a well thought plan that’ll create a social media buzz that sets the communicates you are passionate about your product and brand, enough to invest in showcasing it perfectly to your clients and media.

With my background of creating memorable impressions and styling event spaces that impresses, I’ve extended my team’s specialty to creating the space for you to launch your next big hit product. Whether it’s a new service that your client has been waiting for, a revolutionary product that took years and money to invest in, or a trade show and exhibition stand.

Each event is personally designed by me to ensure you get the very best and value in your hard earned investment. Part of the design of your product launch event I can source talented entertainers, technologies for ticketing and valet, catering options, furniture hire or stunning decorative set ups.

My involvement can be purely from a design and styling basis or as much as concept, coordination pre-event launch, on the day and post event marketing assistance with state of the art technologies enable you to quickly reach out to your prospective clients and media.

Pre-Event Launch

When you sit down with my Corporate Specialist and I, we will go through every detail and create a pre-plan concept that covers all the aspects of what your product is, the concept and deliverables of your event. This is to ensure that your product launch starts off on the right foot. We do this by:

  • Meeting with you and your team to understand your product launch objectives.

  • We sit down with you and your team and work out the goals that must be achieved for the product launch.

  • If required we have a dedicated marketing and content management specialist that can create the graphics, EDM newsletters and social media marketing plans.

  • Work with social media influences to talk and promote your event beforehand.

  • Styling the event is left with me as I will personally create the concept and overlook the execution.

  • We will spread the message through our existing channel and share your launch with everyone (ie,use social media, your website, local ads, and word of mouth) – promote and get the word out!

Launch Event Day

On the product launch event day we dedicate an event co-ordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly and effectively. Depending on the type of launch we are able to:

  • Have crew wear branded clothing, supplied by you or designed by us, to either hand out promotional material, gain peoples attention by acting as your brand ambassadors.

  • Check-in and registration staff using latest technologies.

  • Real time social media management during the event.

  • Co-ordinate the catering and run sheet along with the event space floor staff.

After The Product Launch Event

After the product launch event we offer various post-event services to make sure the event hit all its main focuses. This is done to ensure objectives are met. We will:

  • Prepare your registration list of attendees, and no-shows, for post-event EDM and lead generation.

  • Follow up with relevant attendees for bookings and/or sales

  • Keep the momentum going by writing about the launch

  • Posting through channels such as social media, online blogs, newsletters and so on.