Luxury Chinese wedding stylist and florist based in Sydney.

Let your parents have their traditional tea ceremony with all those red and gold decor, your civil ceremony and reception venue is where you’re going to have more say in the decorations and styling. Trust us it’s just easier to leave them with all the traditional aspects, but don’t worry because we can still help with creating a classy version (if they wanted).


As for your reception venue that’s where Anna and us really shine! This is where you’re going to get to see your vision of a beautifully luxurious wedding, or even a laid back rustic wedding in a farm barn, or maybe vintage wedding decorations using some of our signature vintage chandeliers.

We are Sydney’s premiere all-in-one Chinese wedding planning service – someone you can count on to plan, manage, and style your traditional wedding, so you can just relax on the wedding day.


It’s going to be a very long wedding day, and an even longer months of wedding planning and negotiating with your families to find an auspicious wedding day, and making sure your local and international travellers are looked after.


Your day starts at the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony cramped with hundreds of cousins and everyone know’s what they’re doing, except they’re all busy chatting or eating. Leave all that to our tea ceremony coordinator who’ll guide the procession with your Master of Ceremonies.


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Every part of your traditional Chinese wedding plans are looked after.


Leave the boring bits to us because planning a traditional Asian wedding isn’t always fun, spending hours with parents to find the right date and venue, on Pinterest to gather the perfect wedding styling design for your wedding reception, dress up the tea ceremony at home, and moving on to your civil ceremony, and even organise the travel and accommodation arrangements for your international guests.


Here’s a glimpse of Anna coordinating the wedding of Gabriela and Andy at Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Just because your ceremony is traditional doesn’t mean the wedding styling has to be.


Our roots is Chinese and Anna speaks Mandarin, so we appreciate the intricate details of planning a traditional Chinese and Asian wedding, but also have been creating modern and luxurious weddings in Sydney and Melbourne.


We love designing modern Chinese weddings with the soul of tradition; that goes with the traditional Chinese seafood banquet catering and Chinese wedding styling of each part of your wedding day.

We planned Thuy and Johnny’s traditional Asian wedding at Le Montage by Navarra Venues.

Who provides our traditional Asian wedding banquet catering in Sydney?


The choice was easy to make when recommending a caterer to provide traditional Chinese wedding banquets for your wedding – we partnered up with one of the best and oldest in the game, Silver Pearl.


With over 25 years of experience in Asian seafood banquets complimented by their Chinese seafood restaurant known for amazing food, Silver Pearl is our preferred catering partner to provide excellence in Asian wedding banquets.

The Silver Pearl seafood wedding banquet menu. See the rest of their traditional Chinese wedidng menu here.

The traditional Chinese wedding banquet symbolises rich and prosperous life so the menu is made up of eight or nine dishes and symbolises certain traditions and meaning to the couple’s start of their new long life together.


Eight is known for it’s south-east Asia’s lucky number because it rhymes with the words of “to prosper”, “good luck” and fertility, while the Nine rhymes with long life. All designed to show success and longevity.


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