Transform your wedding reception with a stunning ceiling installation

Ceiling Installation wedding reception

Not every ceiling installation is the same because each reception venue has its own structural and design differences that is challenging.

Having a ceiling installation is a great way to add visual impact to your event space whether you envision an intimate event or one that impresses your guests and it sets the tone for an incredible experience. Each ceiling installation that is designed by ANNA WANG features a wonderful assortment of artificial flowers, fragrant fresh flowers (where possible), luxurious chandeliers, lighting, and other design elements to create an incredible and extravagant look.

Anna Wang designs each ceiling installation to ensure it is created individually for your event and reception venue, it is also made onsite rather than pre-made and installed. We find this is the best way to ensure the ceiling installation design matches your chosen reception venue, and we often play with the final design there, so it’s a more organic design.

We love what we do & we are proud to share our vision of beautiful spaces & events!

Even then with the same reception venue unique features can be incorporated to suit the design style of your wedding or event, this is why we’ll customise each ceiling installation rather than have ready made ones that are made-to-measure to each venue and installed week after week.

Designing the ceiling installation has to factor what the reception venue ceiling can handle; the available rigging or truss work and load bearing.

These matter. ALOT.

Here’s an example of the rigging and truss work for Crystal Ballroom, Luna Park that we have recently worked on for a client’s ceiling installation with chandeliers. It’s quite an extensive amount of pre-event work to ensure what’s been designed fulfils the engineering requirements for each ceiling but it’s worth doing to have the results such as the below.

These are things you don’t need to worry about as we’ll design the rigging, plan the trusses and structures required to create your ceiling installation

Depending on which venue you have booked as some will have in-house production team that handles the designing and installation of the rigging structures needed for floral ceiling installations.

For venues that do not have exclusive agreements with an audio visual company, we are able to assist with using an ANNA WANG licensed rigger and design the plans required for us to work with.

The preferred rigging and truss partner we have, Showtime Productions, carries out the installation of most of our structures for us to pretty it up! Their product line includes trusses, beams, structures, and other rigging elements that are needed to complete the design work.