Ceiling Installations

Ceiling installations are one of the things the team of ANNA WANG specialises in custom designing for an event, whether a corporate function, engagement party, ceremony or even the wedding reception.

We also love dressing chandeliers with beautiful blooms, and there is nothing more incredible than a pretty chandelier adorned with flowers! What’s not to love about flowers hanging from high above, if you want the WOW factor on your wedding day you won’t go past a floral structure.


Create an impression

It creates an elaborate visual feast that often sets the ambiance of a reception venue and they’re such an effective way to create a more intimate space in large spaces or a venue with high ceilings.


Creates intimate event

Having a ceiling installation creates a gorgeous intimate setting by bringing the ceiling down using florals and unique design elements.

Not every ceiling installation is the same because each venue has its own geometric and design differences, enough to make sure each is unique with a combination of flowers, metal shapes and timber features. Add some different-sized chandeliers and the result is completely breathtaking.

Whilst it is truly a sight to be experienced there is a significant number of work that is required to ensure the ceiling installation is designed and installed correctly


Besides fitting to the overall wedding styling theme, while we design the ceiling installation we would have to factor the venue’s ceiling infrastructure, the available rigging or truss work and load bearing.

Here’s an example of the rigging and truss work for Crystal Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney that we have recently worked on for a client’s ceiling installation with chandeliers.

It’s quite an extensive amount of pre-event work to ensure what’s been designed fulfils the engineering requirements for each ceiling but it’s worth doing to have the results such as the below.

For any additional questions we are here to help.