Are you looking for a career as a wedding planning and event stylist? Or do you have experience creating incredible events and designs? We’d love to hear from you!

Are you truly passionate for a creative industry that is highly personal? Are you the sort that has a great humour, energy, creative flair and even massive passion for hospitality? Then I would like to hear from you!


BUT before you apply, make sure you read about what’s it like to work here at ANNA WANG?



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Are you truly passionate for a creative industry that is highly personal?

All this madness sounds like something you’d love to be part of? Are you the sort that has a great humour, energy, creative flair and even massive passion for hospitality? Then I would like to hear from you!

Opportunities with Anna Wang

Full Time Roles

We apologise there are currently no open positions, but we will be announcing them very soon!

Freelance Florists

Are you an experienced florist who can create incredible floral designs?

We are always on the look out for florists with experience in floral design and styling of weddings, especially if you’re passionate about creating a beautiful space, send your resume and portfolio to [email protected].

Event Crew & Packup Crew

Got event crew experience? Are you a night owl and looking for after hours event packdown work? Send your resume to [email protected].

What’s it like to work at ANNA WANG

What’s it like to work in the ANNA WANG crew of amazing stylists, florists, assistants, coordinators and overall dream makers? Truth be told pretty crazy is probably what most of my crew will tell you! Between all the number of events and weddings we do each week, the preparations that are required to be done before we can execute on the wedding day, and the amount of paperwork required; it’s often a madhouse here. Were you expecting otherwise?


The industry we’re in is hospitality and events, and anyone who has had an inkling of an experience would know there are so many hours dedicated to each event that it requires a certain breed of person to enter, excel, and last in this industry. It takes a certain madness Bailey often says. So if you’re considering this industry, not just in my crew, please be aware there are a lot of hours, labour of love and often stressful.

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Everyone get’s their hands dirty – from Bailey, to my senior management, marketing, content producers or florists.

What is it like to work at ANNA WANG then? All of the above completely rings true and probably even more because I’m the sort that is motivated to do the best that we can and that often sets slightly unachievable expectations. I have a strong drive to ensure each event is executed perfectly and as much as physically possible. Add that to the number of events we take on each week I recognise we are pushed as a crew to deliver.


I just can’t say no to a client


That’s probably one of my biggest failings! Not being able to say “no” to a client creates an environment that I want to be able to deliver anything that is designed for their event or wedding, even when its physically impossible and creatives ways to execute my crazy plans (when I am allowed to). So you’ll often find the crew is asked to go above and beyond, and we certainly do and I love my team for it. Even though I am pretty vocal at times.

Anna Wang wedding styling team

The goal is to create amazing events right?

That’s our number 2 focus – to create these amazingly wonderful experiences for each event and wedding we are involved in. Our number 1 focus is having wonderful experiences for our clients, nothing is too hard nor should there be anything that we can’t do. I think it’s an ethos I developed from my years starting up the one-stop-shop concept called O’My Gosh where we essentially a wedding retail concept with everything in house, like now but smaller scale.


Couples would come to us and everything would be handled for them. And it’s what I love being able to do, even though ANNA WANG didn’t start as a wedding planner, we wanted to maintain work and family balance right after our daughters. But it was still engrained in me to provide extra service of assisting couples and clients in planning the entire event because after all I still maintained contact with wedding vendors and event companies.


So yes we are a crew that will go above and beyond and most things will not be too hard.

Often that’s more important than having experience or a qualification.

One thing I’ve learnt in my time in business and having a multitude of staff, interns, trials and curious people that come through here is this: most people can say whatever the hell they like about their skills, and they can sing themselves ballets of might feats. But there is a small number of people that are truly what they say they are or have.


So rather than just believe in a formal interview process, or phone chats and resumes, I first start with making sure the right personality comes through the door. That’s the most import thing for me; having a crew with the right mentality, common sense, drive and creative passion rather than just “skills” because I believe skills can be taught or picked up. So long as you have common sense, though it is an uncommon trait, and creative passion then we should be good.


Yes I do have crew members that are qualified and experienced, but I also equally have team members who have come in with zero experience and skills and they would have gone through an extensive internship with me. Extensive in that it is long, hours aren’t short and interns start from the bottom. This isn’t designed to have free labour or take advantage of fans, and I understand it can be construed as such, but it allows me to ensure the person has the right attitude, drive and passion. Without these I have found there isn’t longevity or the person is not in the industry/role for the right reasons.