Bridal table flowers designed to suit your wedding using fresh flowers, artificial flowers, custom-fabricated pieces and backdrops.

While the traditional bridal table decoration consists of a long and low runner of flowers and greenery, we design each bridal table to suit the overall style of your wedding using design elements, flowers and lighting features.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some past works for:


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We offer a variety of bridal table flowers and runner using elements of your styling brief, fresh flowers and vases, as well as the existing aesthetics of your reception venue.

Take The Refectory in University of Sydney, managed by HostCo, is a stunning reception venue steeped with heritage elements that speak of the old world and a mural feature celebrating human development. And it’s quite a sight! To work with such a location is a balance of creating a beautiful style while not overdoing it.

For this particular wedding bridal table and backdrop flowers we adorned the gorgeous bookcase with trinkets of flowers, framed photos of the couple, and set with a runner of flower bouquets in vases. Simple yet effectively beautiful design for their wedding.

Bridal table of artificial silk flowers

Would you like to personalise our service? Let’s chat some more!

Do you envision a wedding design that is incredible and beyond what is normally seen at an event? The bridal table is the mantel piece that will set that tone so we’ll design your bridal table to be in incredible visual treat.

To achieve this incredible wedding style keep in mind a longer set up time is needed! So be sure to ask your reception venue on what access time is available for us.

Reception venues such as Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay are more flexible with access times and they’re used to having us work in their hotel ballroom.