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Wedding Photobooths are still a great wedding idea

Weddings are a great way to bring a (massive) group of people together to eat, drink and be merry. But often it stretches out several hours that couples always ask “what performance or entertainment should I have to keep everyone interested?”


So I reached out to some of my peers in the industry for their take on it and first up is Julie + Fred of U Got Snapped Photobooth with their thoughts on it.


Trying to find the best-value for money wedding photobooth in Sydney? Don’t impulse-book a photobooth thinking they offer the same product. We’re here to prove that Cheap is not always the best option.

Budget and affordability are key, however some words of wisdom from U Got Snapped Photobooth being in the industry for years now and seeing photobooths come and go – the real deciding factors when it comes to which photobooth company to select from, should be based on:


  1. The guest experience – A wise man once said, “There is nothing more entertaining than laughing at someone else’s silly photos”. This is the greatest guest experience photobooths can provide. It’s there to provide hours of entertainment, laughter and interaction to your guests. Save the serious shots for your photographer and let your silly-self get loose in the booth!


  1. Photo quality – Think of your photobooth as your own photographer. You want high resolution and the sharpest images, professional lighting and all the right angles when being snapped! Did you know that photobooths are actually programmed and automated photographers? So next time you book a booth, be sure to ask for some samples of their work!


  1. Photobooth features – Besides the actual booth, what else is included? Add-ons can range from backdrops, guestbooks, gifs, hashtag printing and much more. Don’t be afraid to ask for a “customisable package” if their set packages don’t suit you. Compare features with what’s important to you and tailor it to your event.

So why are photobooths still the best bang for buck as your wedding entertainment? We’ll tell you why!


  1. It’s an excuse for your guests to pull faces and strike poses you never saw coming


  1. The photos are a talking point on the day and even the days and weeks after on social media


  1. Efficient entertainment – instant fun, instant snaps and instant prints!


  1. It’s interactive and suitable for all ages, heights and widths (photobooths don’t discriminate)


  1. Every photo is different (just like the human thumb print)


Whenever you get cold feet shopping for a booth next, just remember the useful tips above! And don’t forget that photobooths are still the coolest event entertainers bringing the wow-fact to weddings, funkiness to formals, convenience to corporate events and a big blast to birthdays!


So….if there’s funky props, quality photos and unlimited fun, you’ll know that “U GOT SNAPPED”!



Julie + Fred Zhao of U Got Snapped Photobooth