Questioning whether this is the industry for you? Brooke says Yes!

Hello there :)

I’m Brooke, I’m a Wedding Planner and Stylist in the Wedding & Events industry. I would like to first of all thank Anna Wang and Bailey Wang for this opportunity to write about myself on their blog. It is a true honour as I am a huge fan!

Now let’s get down to business. This wedding industry is full on. But in a good way. It’s fast paced, strenuous, rewarding and takes time to build a reputation.

Growing up I only ever went to one wedding. I feel this was why I wanted to be a wedding planner so bad. It was a world I didn’t know much about at the time. It was intriguing and I knew I had so much to learn. That in itself was so exciting so I knew I had to look further into this.

Therefore in 2014 I started my course with The Wedding Association of Australia. It was a quick 6 month course online, but it taught me everything I needed to know about the industry and how to start my own business. This course made me fall even more in love with the thought of becoming a wedding planner and stylist.

Once I finished the course I was so eager to get out into the world and put my skills to the test. I posted an ad on Gumtree explaining I was looking for experience and I was lucky enough to get a bride by the name of Rachel who was more than happy to trust me with her big day.

I was scared, excited, nervous and eager all at the same time. This is the most important day of their lives and it’s all up to me to set it up, coordinate and make sure it all runs on time.


This is a huge task for someone who has never done this before. 

That day quickly came and the weather was forecast to be 35 degrees plus. This wedding ceremony was to be held on the beach in Bilgola. Absolutely stunning ceremony location, I couldn’t wait to give this wedding styling thing a crack.  

Before you know it, the weather hits 38 degrees, I’m running around setting up the entire ceremony, including chairs, arbor, drink station I all of a sudden feel like I am on the verge of heatstroke so I sit down and rest. Within minutes huge black storm clouds roll over and it starts gushing down rain all over the ceremony. I start to franticly grab everything I can and try fit it all in my car so the linen and paper items don’t get wet. At this stage the wedding is about an hour away so I am freaking out hoping the rain will stop in time as there was no plan B (Always have a plan B for if it rains. Trust me, you won’t regret it)

The rain stopped and the wind was still strong but I knew I had to try get this ceremony back up before the guests started to arrive. I ran around like a headless chook setting the ceremony up again, whipping down seats, scraping leaves away and before you know it the sun was out again the guests were arriving and the bride was walking down the aisle.  

It was then I took a step back, I was exhausted, wet, and sweaty but watching the happiness on the Bride and Grooms face as they became husband and wife, I just so happy and fulfilled. I knew at that moment that if I could go through this much stress and emotion and still look back and be so proud and happy this was the career I wanted. It is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet and I feel so privileged that I continued to follow my dream and create many more amazing weddings.

Since then I have now completed 30+ Weddings and Events in Sydney and outside over a 4 year period ranging from small intimate weddings and Christenings to larger 350 guest weddings. I am still learning and growing my portfolio but I have learnt so much from the amazing vendors around me and the inspiration of others. I have worked with all different cultures including Indian, Asian, Islander, Greek, Mexican and every single one of them have different traditions that continue to draw me more and more in. You learn so much about other cultures in this industry and it really opens your eyes to this amazing world of love and happiness.

I won’t sugar coat it, the industry is tough. Long hours, early mornings, late nights, stress, anxiety to finish on time, cuts, and bruises but in the end the happy feelings take over. It is such a great feeling knowing you helped create and manage the best day of their lives.  

If you are thinking of getting into the events industry, I say yes! GO FOR IT!

How do you get in?

Do a quick course, ask your local florists, stylists or hotels for some work experience (it was the best thing for me to do, I learnt so much from them). Ask around for family and friends having weddings or events and start gaining experience. Before you know it you will be getting jobs and expanding your clients.

I am so excited to continue my journey and grow my clientele. It has to be one of the most rewarding careers. I have included some images of weddings that I have styled and coordinated over the years.  

Thank you for reading,

Brooke Boyce





This industry is so rewarding but it takes a lot of guts, I think more than usual when someone starts a business, because it's such a personal one and there is no repeating the event. You really only have one chance to get it right, as much as possible every single time.

So us wedding and event stylists are a breed of mad people that love being creative, to service clients with all the passion we have, and put on a good party.

I love that Brooke started with taking an online course to upskill herself and get formal training because whilst industry experience is so key, having a formal structure would help for those who have yet to experience what putting together an event is like.

Some really key things to take away from this:

- Jump to your passion
- Fake it until you make it (I certainly did when I started)
- Chase for the client's happiness, and every reward and knowledge learnt that comes with it will be perfect for you.