Marwa reflects on her journey of styling events in Milwaukee

Hi there!

I’m Marwa, I am an Event and Wedding Stylist based in Milwaukee, WI. I would like to take this moment to thank Bailey and Anna Wang for giving me this amazing opportunity to write about myself as their work is amazing and I am truly honored.

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for creating. Before the Pinterest rage and instagram obsession, I would sift through book after book attempting the next DIY activity. As a child I would make my mother spend countless dollars at local craft stores to feed my obsession. If there was an important event in my life or families to plan, I would plan it. So naturally I planned every detail of my outdoor wedding from the linens, to florals to lighting and  desserts. In retrospect I really do not know how I had the confidence to plan an outdoor wedding with no tent! And yes, it did rain!

Fast forward to college and my passion took a backseat to my formal education as a Speech Therapist. Being a Speech Therapist allowed me to unleash my creativity in a different way. Meeting a patient, diagnosing a patient and treating them in the best way possible requires you to have creativity in your approach and interpersonal skills. It really translates very well as an Event/Wedding Stylist.


In between the time of graduating and now, I dabbled with modest fashion blogging for about a year or so. We got local recognition and developed a sizeable social media following. Being a fashion blogger was again about creating unique and exciting content. I feel like all the paths that I have taken have truly led me here, to where I am now. It is almost like I have been prepping for this exact job my whole life, as ridiculous as that sounds.

I decided to open Luxie Creations here in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. It has been always tough for me to find unique and beautiful decor options. I really wanted to offer a one stop shop for any event. I wanted to offer a seamless system in which you contact our company and we take care of every detail for you. Many times I get inquiries where the client wants a beautiful event but really does not know how to execute it, and I love helping them make that vision a reality. I love the feeling of having a vision that transforms into an plan, that then transforms into reality. There is no feeling like it and it is truly why I decided to enter the competitive world of Event Styling.

We are a growing team and I am so grateful for the support I have been receiving. Simply being on this platform and sharing my journey has really empowered me to continue.  I am hoping to grow my company to a full service luxury event styling company. I want to offer a customized wedding experience. I want to be the person you contact when you want an event that sets you apart from the crowd. I think what I am offering is unique in Milwaukee. We have planners and we have florists, but the full package is very difficult to find.

Though we are very close to Chicago, a hub for anything luxurious, Milwaukee itself is very undersaturated in this area. I hope to offer this city something it really needs. I have quickly found that as a start up in the wedding/event industry here it all boils down to networking.

Talking to the right people that believe in your vision and what you are trying to achieve is key. I am always putting myself out there, even if my confidence is not fully there. I believe in what I am trying to achieve and I feel that is all that matters. I have definitely gotten the comments from those who have been in the industry long, that my vision of “customized” events might be far fetched. That I should just look around at what others are offering and imitate it. I could perhaps listen to them and follow the trajectory of what has been previously done, it would be the easiest route to money. However, I am in this for the joy of the art.

I have willingly entered this world because I enjoy every moment of it and want this to be my career for life.

Marwa Samra
Luxie Creations from Milwaukee