How much does ANNA WANG charge?

We’ve been keeping an eye on what brides and grooms search for so we can target topics that are often searched for. I must admit all this research and marketing is completely beyond me and every time Bailey tries to explain what he does with the business it goes waaaay over my head!

I know I really should be interested in what he does in the businesses; there’s a running joke amongst the girls here about what he does and I constantly question ‘what DO you do besides be on the computer?”.  Having seen first hand his recent work of building the marketing and brand of The HIGHLINE Venue, a project we’ve just recently finished up, I am starting to understand the work he does. 

The result of the marketing and brand strategising? An amazing brand that is known for quality and service, but we’re also a victim of his success in this area; that is, when it comes to the question of “how much does ANNA WANG charge?” or “cost to having ANNA WANG”.

There’s a certain impression about what I charge to style a wedding is generally “very high” and various comments along the lines of “she doesn’t bother with small weddings” or couples are too afraid to even consider me because some think I would be too expensive. Let’s set aside the argument of “how long is a piece of string” and expand on what I lightly touched in my last blog article.


For those who have yet to read the blog article, I would recommend it as a starting point as it gives you a high level overview of a Sydney wedding stylist costs. Realistically it applies to wedding stylists in general.

The main take away from the article are the following:

  • There’s no price list to go by, nor are there packages,

  • Come to me if you’re wanting non-cookie-cutter experience to planning your wedding or event,

  • I try to be as flexible as possible because we believe everyone deserves a beautiful experience.

I like to meet with most of the couples that enquire because we offer a service, not a product. I won’t go into what the differences are, in my view, as there are strong cases for both sides of arguing that service is a product. I feel it’s important that I, and my team, get to know you both and understand what you both have envisioned because after all it’s about both of you, not just about what I can offer or what wedding styling packages I may have. If you’re after that then there are plenty of wedding stylists or florists out there that can cater for your needs.

Then how do I price up my wedding styling? Or even planning your wedding?

We start off by visualising your day, and work out what it takes to create that experience. I wish I could give you a clear cut answer and say X style = $, but I truly can’t because for all the years I’ve been in the wedding industry and creating special events, I know no other way of pricing what my crew of amazing creatives and I do.

Sure there is a starting point that most couples do invest in, and it’s typically from $7,000 onwards, but then again there are couples that have always wanted me to be part of their day, and they’ve got an ultra intimate wedding that doesn’t require a lot of work OR a bigger crew on the day - and because of that we’ve created weddings for under $5,000. They may be the 30-60 guests range, and have things such as alternating centrepieces that include the “bonus inclusions” from a venue, and each centrepiece ends up costing $150+ so it’s feasible for couples and us to engage with each other.


Yet even those smaller intimate weddings can go beyond lavish to the point where they’ve spend in excess of $400k with me; but that’s because of the following factors:

  • It was a remote location,

  • Required a large crew of 27 team members 7 days, literally 17 hours (and beyond on a few of those days) each day to execute,

  • Everything was customised, to the point where a ceremony garden was built in the middle of bushland

  • Cleaning crew engaged to ensure the site was pristine,

  • Travel and accommodation for the entire crew to be on-site and close by.

Here’s what some $400k+ looks like - a Wolgan Valley Emirates One & Only wedding. Once you have a look you’ll understand the extent to which we were part of building this amazingly over-the-top destination wedding for an international wedding client.

The other side of the spectrum, referring to couples that choose for a simpler representation of themselves, I offer to have my teams look after their wedding - it allows for my junior and mid-level team members to step-up and hone their creative and organisational skills away from under my wings. Yes I am still involved in each of these weddings, whether big or small, and that may be from just creating the design brief with you, then hand it over to my team that runs the operational part of the business, and have them action it without my needing to be there. It’s a win-win-win situation - you get to still have me, ANNA WANG, my team, and are not necessarily having to invest a large sum to just have something pretty, when you don’t have to.


So as you can see, until we meet, I just can’t give you a pricelist that you can compare with other stylists or allow you to shop around. Having said that, I may be more affordable to your wedding than you think so don’t be afraid to approach me. It’s just a conversation right?

Would love to find out more and start designing your special event with me? Click onto the below to either call one of us, or send me your details and we’ll reach out.

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