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Hanging greenery ceiling installations to freshen your wedding

We love to see how simple greenery can elevate your wedding reception by adding lush freshness to the setting, or your ceremony using loosely-draped hanging greenery wedding garlands as a backdrop. Another thing we love: this hanging greenery is an convenient way to save on your wedding budget, as it’s usually priced in packs, which means you don’t cost per base. As a bonus of using greeneries such as eucalyptus, different vines or even big lush green leaves – they’re a great way to span across large areas and save the overall floral budget substantially. Let’s go through this in more depth because we at ANNA WANG love using them!

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The greenery wedding trend has been going on for quite sometime especially for Sydney weddings because we have very few outdoor reception venues that allow intimate weddings of any size. Sure there are marquee locations around Sydney that work well but the costs are quite prohibitive and there’s lots to do when you’re planning a marquee wedding. So why not bring the outdoors indoors? You get the fresh lushness of an outdoor weddings but without the unpredictability of weather.


To create the visual impact of having a garden indoors for your wedding we’d often prepare lines of greenery and vines as a base of the ceiling flower installation, and this could be made up of a number of different greenery, bush and vines. Here are some of the greeneries that we use:


  • Ivy vine,
  • Eucalyptus bush,
  • English ivy bush,
  • Pothos leaf,
  • Orchid leaf,
  • Fiddle leaf


Those are our main choices when we create the base of the ceiling installation or hanging feature piece, a draped ceremony arbour as well, and because they work well together it’s a great way to fill up the space before the finer details of flowers, chandeliers and other design elements are added.

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For us at ANNA WANG the ceiling installation creates an incredible focus point in an event space and we love that it’s become a main stay at each event we design. The trend has even gotten to restaurants and commercial spaces like the SocialHideout Waterloo and Parramatta cafes – some of the most beautiful Sydney cafes have been requesting more and more florals to be installed as part of the interior design of their space. Back to weddings.


Ceiling installations, floral chandeliers and suspended flowers add visual interest to your wedding because of the multi-plane approach of designing the style of your event. Guests are always in awe because it’s not just unexpected, but it brings the ceiling down with beautiful florals and features to the space. While it does reduce the overall ceiling height, you gain a beautiful garden in the ceiling!

Designing the ceiling installation isn’t restricted to just having greenery or flowers because there are so many elements that can be added to give you your very own ceiling installation; not like everyone else’s. It’s one major reason why we insist on no having a wedding styling package,  and each ceiling installation is done onsite rather than pre-made, made-to-measure and then installed. It’s a creative process that’s organic  and continues to evolve as we go!

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Would you like some ideas for your own ceremony or wedding reception? Have a look at some of our favourite ceiling installation designs that include different florals, designs made up of roses, garlands of greenery, chandeliers of different sizes, all to suit different styles.


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