Doing good by sponsoring Monash Children's Hospital

The health and happiness of children is by far close to our hearts, not because our children have faced health challenges and for that we are blessed they haven’t.

Rather it’s because they remind us that there are families and children that are so vulnerable and deserve all the assistance society can offer. It’s one of the biggest driver for us to succeed in business as much as possible so that we can be part of funding charities and initiatives such as these.

Not that I am seeking any validation or blowing our own trumpets, that’s not needed but I think it’s now important that Bailey & I do tell you what we are part of, the community things that we are passionate about because hopefully it continues the conversation of giving.

And some how hopefully it prompts other business owners to take a side step of the hustle to be part of good. Put aside drive for wealth, business, industry politics and feuds. Make A Wish.

So we’re very proud to be part of the Dandelion Wishes Foundation, Victoria, Australia and the Monash Children’s Hospital.