BTS of Susanna + Salem

Doltone House is one of those reception venues that is stunning regardless of whether of the amount of work is done to it, there is enough of a character to it to not need to do anything but simply enjoy a modern chic decor.

But when styling work gets added to the reception venue it's ceiling of cross beams and truss systems make it an event stylist's dream to work with. So when we started work on designing Susanna + Salem's wedding we knew we would have to make use of the structures to create something different.

Not over the top different. Rather we wanted to create dimensions of different heights and decorative pieces, with a splash of whimsical bling of course.

To create this vision we partnered with Chandeliers To Die For to create the ceiling installation of tassels, crystals and chandeliers. The end result of this was a ceiling installation that sparkled the ambience of thousands of candle lights throughout the wedding venue.

All this wedding bling needed to be softened up so we alternated "Anya" (my 27-arm grand candelabra) with a Floral Crown on Cleopatra.