BTS of Lena + James

Typically wedding couples book me 12+ months in advance and with such a long lead time visions continually change because trends and new materials are created with each season.

And though as maddening as it is for a business owner to try and lock down things so cashflow and sales pipelines are solid (this is Bailey's turf amongst other things) I find being able to have as much flexibility as possible makes this part of the wedding planning process that much more interactive and enjoyable for couples. Oh and after all it's creative work and that tends to involve organic designs and changes of palettes and likes.

With Lena + James' wedding we had originally set out a different style of ceiling installation at Hyatt Regency Sydney, it was going to be a design that was on a bigger scale. Not that the final design wasn't OTT enough, but often I know no boundaries of whats physically possible. But as we planned the production part of the creation we hit a brick wall on the complexities the design required with additional rigging and truss work.

So back to the drawing board after consultations with Showtime Promotions & Productions on what could be achievable. Thankfully it turned out well.