BTS of Mita + Ragul

Doltone House Hyde Park is a truly unique function venue in Sydney with its design cues from the old world classics and art deco charm. Its iconic and that presents a challenge for a wedding stylist to come up with a design that compliments the wedding venue.

There are certain elements that you should factor in or not have otherwise it’ll be such a shame. I know that is a really restrictive statement to say, particularly when as wedding stylists we should be able to come up with a design that is both creative and unique for the client. But when you have a venue such as this, it’s best to work with what you’ve got, rather than transform the space.

So creating Mita + Ragul’s wedding decoration style, we conceptualised a style that would be reflective of their Indian heritage, with an art deco spin, and with a highly vibrant and rich colour palette of reds, whites and golds. For the wedding centrepieces we opted to feature an alternating pattern of House of Doltone’s standard gold 4-arm candelabras with my own Teardrop Floral Starlights, tweaked to have it’s floral crown to the side.

These are an amazing wedding centrepiece that creates an ambient and romantic feature; look at the photographs further down and you’ll see how whimsical and romantic they look in the dark. This was one of the things we considered when designing the ceiling installation for Mita + Ragul so it would be as equally whimsical and romantic as the wedding centrepieces featured on each banquet table.

The original design was going to be various hanging flowers set in between gold chandeliers provided by Chandeliers To Die For, and it would’ve been a really nice ceiling installation….except the truss and rigging infrastructure in the ceiling wouldn’t have allowed for a full design.