We tailor wedding styling packages so there isn’t a set ANNA WANG wedding cost.

The vision for your wedding styling or special event decorations is different to someone else’s so no wedding styling package will do it justice, that’s why we don’t work off a pricelist or wedding packages.


Choosing us as your event stylist, wedding stylist or even event manager doesn’t entail having a set product list or price list because we enjoy creating unique experiences each time. That starts with what you have envisioned.

We don’t charge an event or wedding styling fee on top of the flowers, decorations, lighting, or other set installations required to fulfil the vision of your event. As each piece that is designed, created or hired for your event is owned by me, the wedding styling costs is all inclusive.


It’s one less thing for you worry about whether you’re getting a great deal, or if all the wedding suppliers are going to work cohesively – we’ll manage our teams and crews, so you don’t have to.

Do you have a price list or packages for event styling or wedding styling fee?

I feel it’s important that I, and my team, get to know you both and understand what you both have envisioned because after all it’s about both of you, not just about what I can offer or what wedding styling packages I may have.


If you’re after that then there are plenty of wedding stylists or florists out there that can cater for your needs.


Would you like to know how I price my services then?

Then how do we price up our wedding styling services?

We start off by visualising your day, and work out what it takes to create that experience. I wish I could give you a clear cut answer or equation:


X style = $


But I truly can’t because for all the years I’ve been in the wedding industry and creating special events, I know no other way of pricing what my crew of amazing creatives and I do.


Sure there is a starting point that most couples do invest in, and it’s typically from $7,000 onwards, but then again there are couples that have always wanted me to be part of their day, and they’ve got an ultra intimate wedding that doesn’t require a lot of work OR a bigger crew on the day – and because of that we’ve created weddings for under $5,000.


They may be the 30-60 guests range, and have things such as alternating centrepieces that include the “bonus inclusions” from a venue, and each centrepiece ends up costing $150+ so it’s feasible for couples and us to engage with each other.

Yet even those smaller intimate weddings can go beyond lavish to the point where they’ve spent in excess of $400k with me.

That’s because of the following factors:


  • It was a remote location,
  • Required a large crew of 27 team members 7 days, literally 17 hours (and beyond on a few of those days) each day to execute,
  • Everything was customised, to the point where a ceremony garden was built in the middle of bushland
  • Cleaning crew engaged to ensure the site was pristine,
  • Travel and accommodation for the entire crew to be on-site and close by.


Here’s what some $400k+ looks like – a Wolgan Valley Emirates One & Only wedding. Once you have a look you’ll understand the extent to which we were part of building this amazingly over-the-top destination wedding for an international wedding client.


The other side of the spectrum, referring to couples that choose for a simpler representation of themselves, I offer to have my teams look after their wedding – it allows for my junior and mid-level team members to step-up and hone their creative and organisational skills away from under my wings.


Yes I am still involved in each of these weddings, whether big or small, and that may be from just creating the design brief with you, then hand it over to my team that runs the operational part of the business, and have them action it without my needing to be there. It’s a win-win-win situation – you get to still have me, ANNA WANG, my team, and are not necessarily having to invest a large sum to just have something pretty, when you don’t have to.

So as you can see, until we meet, I just can’t give you a pricelist that you can compare with other stylists or allow you to shop around.


Having said that, I may be more affordable to your wedding than you think so don’t be afraid to approach me. It’s just a conversation right?